Manage storage in Google Workspace

1. Storage overview in Google Workspace

Education customers go to the Overview of Google Workspace for Education storage

About pooled storage

Google Workspace uses a pooled storage system, meaning that storage is shared across users in your organization, making it easier to manage and allocate storage across your organization. Pooled storage can be used for Google Workspace services, such as Google Drive, shared drives, Gmail, Google Chat, and Google Photos.

Your total storage amount depends on your subscription and how many licenses are in your subscription. This number is the maximum amount of storage all of your users combined can use, also known as the “Organization storage limit”. To learn more about this limit, see What are the Drive storage and file size limits? or, for Google Workspace for Education customers, see Understand storage availability and usage.

See how storage is used in your organization

You must be signed in as a super administrator for this task.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using an account with super administrator privileges (does not end in

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu ""and then"" Storage.
  3. At the top you can see how much Workspace storage your organization is using.

Storage use is split out for Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. Point to each product to see a detailed breakdown of how much storage everyone is using and how much remains.

New storage management tools for admins


In April 2022, we introduced new admin tools that provide customers with more visibility, control, and insights into storage use across their organization.

You can use the storage management tools to see how much storage is being used across your organization and how close your organization is to your storage limit. Admins should set storage limits for individuals to more effectively manage storage across their organization.

Watch the following video for a quick demo:

Managing Google Workspace storage as an admin

Increase your storage limit

If you are nearing or exceeding your storage limit, you can increase your storage by upgrading your Workspace subscription. Or, if you have employees who don't have Google Workspace accounts yet, you can add them and increase your total pooled storage by their account storage limit. For more information, see Options to get more storage.

View how users are using storage

From this Storage management page, you can also view which users in your organization are using the most storage by clicking View all users and filtering by Storage used. Click a user's name to see their user detail page, which shows how much storage they’re using. Note that for privacy, an admin can never see a user's individual documents through the Admin console. An admin sees only a summary of how much storage their users’ documents and files use.

Manage shared drives

Because shared drives count towards your organization’s overall pooled storage, you can manage your shared drives by clicking View all shared drives. For more information on shared drive management, see Manage shared drive users and activity.


What level of admin privileges do I need to access storage management tools?

  • You need super administrator privileges to access the storage management tools. Support for Delegated, User, and Reseller administrators will be added in the future.

What are the storage limits for different Workspace editions?

Do I see my total storage quota in the status bar on the storage management page?

  • Google Workspace customers will be shown their storage allocation in a storage status bar. Note: Not all editions see the status bar yet, including Education, Nonprofit, and legacy G Suite editions.

    If administrators or users in your organization purchased individual storage subscriptions, that storage isn't included  yet in the total quota shown in the storage status bar. Individual storage subscriptions are no longer available to purchase, and if you need more storage, see Options to get more storage.

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