Currents migration is happening soon. If you're a Google Workspace administrator, read Currents migration for administrators for more information.

Currents migration for administrators

In early 2023, your Google Currents users will be upgraded to Spaces. As an administrator for your organization, you will get an email with more details in early 2022. Learn more at the Google Workspace Updates blog.

You and your organization can use Spaces as a central place to engage in topic-based discussions, share knowledge and ideas, move projects forward, and build communities and team culture. Learn more about Spaces.

What is Currents?

Currents is a standalone enterprise social networking solution that allows employees to connect across their organization and for leaders to share organizational updates.

What is Spaces?

In September 2021, we announced Spaces, a dedicated place for organizing people, topics, and projects in Google Workspace.

How will the upgrade affect my organization?

  • At this time no action is required from you, other admins, or users other than, should you choose, opting-in to the migration. For a complete list of the data that will and will not be migrated, please refer to the Currents to Spaces feature migration article in the Help Center.
  • In early 2023, we’ll migrate data to Spaces. 
  • Users can continue using Currents until early 2023. After the migration is complete, users will be able to continue their conversations from the migrated Currents communities in Spaces.

What can I do?

In preparation for the migration, there are a number of steps you should take to get your organization ready. To learn more, read Prepare Currents for Spaces migration.

Can my users continue to use Currents?

Yes, your organization can continue to use Currents until we begin the migration in 2023. We will provide information on the migration timeline later in 2022.

When can I start to use Spaces?

If you’ve turned on Chat and Spaces for your organization, you can create and use Spaces right now. We encourage you to start creating new communities in Spaces. To provide feedback, at the top of the Gmail window, click Help ""and thenSend feedback to Google.

Previous changes for Currents

In preparation for the migration from Currents to Spaces, we started turning down rarely used Currents features in Q1 2022. No other feature changes are planned for 2022. See the table below for more details.


What changed

Following and follower counts

Due to some inaccuracies with how the following counts were calculated in circles, and because of low use, this feature was removed. Users will still see a list of accounts that they follow and accounts that follow them. Only the number was removed.

Community insights

Data for community insights is still available through admin reports. However, due to low use, this feature will be turned down for end users. To learn more, read User reports: Apps usage.

Profile influence

Profile influence had low usage and didn’t provide clear insight into how a user is performing on Currents. Therefore, this feature was turned down. 


Tag features that were rarely used were turned down ahead of the migration.

  • The popular tags page was turned down.
  • Active tags embedded in the All posts stream was removed.

Other features involving tags, such as tag search, following tags, and posting with tags, was not affected by this change.

Mobile notifications

Push notifications on Android and iOS was disabled. Other notifications, such as email notifications were not affected by this change.

Post analytics

Post analytics allowed users to see post views, comments, likes, and reshares. Due to low usage and to prepare for migration, this feature was turned down. However, users can still see the comments and number of likes and reshares for their posts.  

For future updates, go to What’s new in Currents.

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