Get notifications in the YouTube TV app

Can't wait for your team's next game or the latest episode of your favorite show? You can turn on notifications in the YouTube TV mobile app to get a notification when a new live airing is starting. 

We may also occasionally send you notifications for upcoming events or recommended programs based on your interests. You can use the instructions below to adjust your notifications or turn them off completely.

Turn on notifications 

To turn on notifications:
  • In the YouTube TV mobile app, tap the bell icon Notifications on any program page or tap the overflow menu  > bell icon Notifications below the video player on the watch page.
  • You'll get a push notification on your mobile device when a new live airing starts for a selected program.

Turn off or modify notifications

To turn off notifications:
  • Untap the bell icon Notifications on any program page or below the video player.
  • You can also disable other push notifications in YouTube TV by selecting Settings  > Notifications Notifications, or turn off all notifications for the YouTube TV app in your mobile device's settings. 

To change your notification preferences: 

  1. Select your profile photo in the YouTube TV mobile app.
  2. Tap Settings  > Notifications Notifications.
  3. Select any push notification type or program to modify your notification preferences. 

Troubleshooting notification issues 

When you turn on notifications for a specific program by selecting the bell icon Notifications, you should receive an alert for live airings of your selected programs.

If you don't get a notification, it may be because: 
  • Push notifications are not enabled on your device. You can enable these notifications in your device's settings.
  • YouTube TV sets limits on how many push notifications you can receive in a 10-minute period. If you've received several notifications, we may hold off on sending you additional notifications during the same period. 
  • An episode or event is a rerun, not a new airing, so we wouldn't send you a notification.
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