Troubleshoot YouTube TV account login issues

If you're having trouble signing up or signing in to your YouTube TV account, you may be signed in to a Brand Account. Brand Accounts are not compatible with YouTube TV. You'll need to use a different Google Account to sign up and sign in to YouTube TV.

How to identify if you're using a Brand Account

  • A Brand Account is an account that can be used with Google services to create an online brand presence. If you have more than one YouTube channel or previously had a legacy account, you could have a Brand Account.
  • If you're not sure if you have a Brand Account, go to the Brand Accounts page. You'll find any existing Brand Accounts listed under 'Your Brand Accounts'.


How to fix sign up or sign in issues

If you're trying to sign up or sign in to YouTube TV with a Brand Account, you'll see an error: 'Sorry – you can't sign in to YouTube TV with this account'.

To fix this issue, you need to switch accounts:​

  1. Select Switch Account below the error message.
  2. Enter the Google Account associated with your YouTube TV membership. Even if you're already signed in to YouTube TV, you may need to re-enter your info.
  3. Resume sign-up or sign-in to YouTube TV.

More troubleshooting steps

If the above instructions for fixing sign-up or sign-in issues don't fix your issue, try these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right, select your profile picture .
  3. In this section, select your primary Google Account.
    • Note: If you've signed up, this account should be the account linked to your YouTube TV membership. If you haven't signed up, this account should be the account that you'd like to link to YouTube TV.

      • If your primary account isn't listed, you may need to select More accounts.
      • Make sure that you don't select a Brand Account listed on the Brand Accounts page .
  4. Once you've switched accounts, go to YouTube TV in the same window.
  5. Resume sign-up or sign-in to YouTube TV.

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