Watch YouTube TV in Spanish with Spanish Plus or Spanish Plan

YouTube TV subscribers can get Spanish language programming in 3 ways:

  • Sign up for the Base Plan to get Telemundo included in your membership.
  • Sign up for the Spanish Plus add-on (Base Plan required) to get 25+additional Spanish language networks added to your Base Plan membership.
  • Sign up for the Spanish Plan (Base Plan not required) to get 28+ Spanish language networks included in your membership.
Did you know you can set up your YouTube TV app in Spanish? Learn more.

What you get with Spanish Plus

When you purchase Spanish Plus, you get these 25+ networks added to the channels in your YouTube TV Base Plan.

How to add Spanish Plus to your membership

To purchase the Spanish Plus add-on, follow the steps to add a network to your YouTube TV membership.

What you get with Spanish Plan

The YouTube TV Spanish Plan is an alternative to the Base Plan, and does not require a Base Plan membership. When you sign up for a Spanish Plan, you get these 28+ Spanish language networks included in your membership.

How to add Spanish Plan to your membership

To purchase Spanish Plan, follow the steps to sign up for YouTube TV here.

How to switch between Spanish Plus & Spanish Plan

To switch to Spanish Plus from Spanish Plan:

  • First, you’ll need to sign up for a Base Plan by going to your Memberships page.
  • Once you’ve purchased a Base Plan, you can purchase Spanish Plus by adding it to your membership.
  • After you purchase the Base Plan, we recommend you remove the Spanish Plan from your subscriptions.

To switch to Spanish Plan from Spanish Plus:

You can find a full list of networks available for purchase without a Base Plan here.

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