Refer a friend to YouTube TV

Refer a friend to sign up for a first-time YouTube TV subscription, and you each may get a discount on your next monthly payment.

To participate, you’ll need to be a paying subscriber with an active YouTube TV Base Plan. As long as your referral is new to YouTube TV, they’ll get their first month at a discounted rate. Once their first bill is paid, you’ll see an automatic discount reflected on your next billing date.

Find out more details below about how to refer a friend, and who’s eligible to participate.

Send a referral

You’re eligible to send a referral if you’re a YouTube TV member with an active Base Plan subscription. If you’re in a family group, anyone in your group can send a referral. However, only the family manager will see the automatic discount if a new member signs up using your referral link.

To send a referral:  

  • Open the YouTube TV app, or go to in a web browser.
  • Select your profile icon  and then Refer a friend.
  • You’ll get a unique referral link to share with a friend. Follow the steps to copy or share your unique referral link.

If the friend signs up using your referral link, then you’ll get an email about your discount once they become a paying YouTube TV subscriber. The discount will go towards your next monthly bill for your YouTube TV Base Plan once the referred member makes their first payment. You won’t be notified or get a discount when a referred member signs up for a trial. 

Go to “Your discounts” tab to view your referral history, including your previous referral discounts, and any discounts that will be applied on an upcoming bill.

Sign up with a referral

You’re eligible to receive a referral discount if you’re a new YouTube TV member, and you haven’t had a trial in the past. If you previously had a YouTube TV subscription, or a trial, then you won’t be eligible to participate in this offer. 

Here are the steps to sign up for YouTube TV using a referral link:

  • Open the link to redeem your referral. 
  • On the next page, select the button to start your YouTube TV trial.
  • Follow the steps to complete sign-up for a Base Plan. 
    • You’ll see your unique referral code and discount applied to your account.

When your trial period is over, you’ll get a discount on your first monthly bill for your YouTube TV Base Plan when your account automatically switches from a trial to a paid membership. Trial lengths vary, so be sure to check how much time you have on your trial. You can learn more about YouTube TV trials here.


You’re not eligible to send or receive a referral if you are:

  • Billed for your YouTube TV subscription through your mobile carrier or internet provider.
  • Subscribed to an individual network (or networks), but not a YouTube TV Base Plan.
  • On a paused YouTube TV membership.
  • On a YouTube TV trial.

Additional terms:

  • Discounts only apply to the YouTube TV Base Plan. If you’re subscribed to individual networks without a Base Plan, then you won’t see a discount after sending or receiving a referral.
  • Subscribers who send referrals can get up to 10 referral discounts. After receiving 10 referral discounts, their referral link will no longer work.
  • Subscribers who receive a referral can’t combine a referral discount with other coupon codes (only one will apply).
  • This offer is subject to change. For more info, see the terms and conditions here.

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