Get extra features on YouTube TV with 4K Plus

Our 4K Plus add-on lets you add extra viewing options to your YouTube TV Base Plan. With 4K Plus, you can unlock 4K Ultra High Definition playback for certain live and on-demand programs on YouTube TV. You can also enjoy unlimited simultaneous streams at home, and use our mobile app to view your recordings offline using your phone or tablet.

What you get with 4K Plus

When you buy 4K Plus, you get these features added to the channels in your Base Plan:

  • 4K viewing on available content.
  • Unlimited concurrent streams at home.
  • Ability to view DVR recordings offline for available content (mobile devices only)

Some of these options are also available on select add-on networks. If you already subscribe to add-on networks with these features, you also have 4K Plus viewing options when watching those networks on YouTube TV.

Check your YouTube TV settings to find out which features are available for the add-on networks you’re subscribed to:

  • To discover which networks offer 4K, go to Settings and then 4K.
  • To find which networks offer offline viewing for recordings, go to Settings and then Downloads.
  • To view screen limits for your networks, go to Settings and then Screen Limits.

Read below to learn more about 4K Plus features on YouTube TV, and how to purchase the add-on.

Find programs that you can watch in 4K
To find programs offered in 4K quality, find the icon when browsing for programs on YouTube TV. You can also search for “4K” to view every available 4K channel and program.
If you are not subscribed to the 4K Plus add-on, 4K videos will be locked by default. To check whether we offer a 4K version of the program, press the Down arrow below the title to expand the video info panel.
You can also use the Live tab to find channels showing 4K programs over the next 10 days. If a channel has an upcoming program airing in 4K, it will be listed here. If not, the channel won’t show up. To find out which programs are available for a specific channel, search or browse the network page (for example: NBC Sports 4K).
4K playback is available on select live and on-demand content from these networks:
  • Discovery
  • ESPN
  • FOX Sports
  • FX
  • Nat Geo
  • NBC Sports
  • Tastemade
  • NBA TV
Tip: You’ll know you’re getting 4K quality when you see “4K” on the quality selector in the video player. 

4K playback is only available on compatible devices:

4K smart TVs

  • 4K Android TV models like Sony Bravia, and others
  • Samsung, LG and HiSense 4K smart TVs (2019 or later)

4K Streaming Devices connected to a 4K TV

  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • 4K Roku Streaming Devices
  • Apple TV 4K (2021)
  • PS4 Pro
  • Amazon Fire 4K Stick (1st Gen - 2018)
  • Nvidia Shield

Note: 4K is only available on select content for Apple TV and PS4 Pro. Some programs may have lower quality or may rebuffer when viewing.

If you’re having trouble seeing videos in 4K quality, follow the tips below.

Why am I not getting 4K channels?

If you’re not seeing 4K content, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • You need a compatible device to watch 4K videos on YouTube TV. Make sure you have a 4K streaming device connected to your TV using an HDCP 2.2 compliant HDMI cable. Make sure your TV also supports 4K playback.
  • To watch videos in 4K, make sure your download speed is 25 mbps or higher.
  • If your TV or streaming device does not support 4K, content will not play in 4K, even if we can send a 4K video. If your TV or internet connection does not meet the requirements, then your video will play in HD or SD quality.
  • Check that the video quality selector is set to 4K.
  • To test what 4K looks like on your TV device:
    • Open the YouTube TV app on your TV device.
    • Select the icon in the top-right corner.
    • Under “Add to membership,” find 4K Plus in the list of add-on networks.
    • Select “Preview a 4K video” to play the test video in 4K quality.
  • You can also check Stats for Nerds to verify whether we are sending 4K. Follow the steps in this article to check Stats for Nerds.
  • Keep an eye out for the icon to identify programs offered in 4K.

Download recordings to your mobile device & watch offline

To watch DVR recordings offline on your mobile device:

  • Open the YouTube TV app.
  • In the Library tab, find the recording you’d like to download to your device.
  • Tap the download button to start downloading the program to your device. If the download button is grayed out, the program is not available for you to download.
    • Note: You can only download a video on one device at a time. After you download a video on a device, you can’t play the video from any other device until you first delete the download.

To watch recordings without an internet connection:

  • Open the YouTube TV app.
  • A page will show your mobile device is offline.
  • Select “Downloads” to view videos you’ve downloaded to your device.
  • Select one of your downloaded videos to play it.

To prevent losing your downloaded videos, use the YouTube TV app while your device is connected to the internet at least once every 30 days. All downloads expire 9 months after the original video is recorded.

Tips for improving download speed:

  • Keep the YouTube TV app open in the foreground on your mobile device while videos are downloading.
  • Download on a strong Wi-Fi network whenever possible:
    • Go to Settings and then Downloads, and select “Download over Wi-Fi only.”
  • Reducing the quality will make videos download faster. To change the quality of your downloads:
    • Go to Settings and then Downloads and then Download quality.
Watch on unlimited streams at home
With 4K Plus, you get unlimited streams while watching on your home Wi-Fi network, and 3 streams outside your home. Learn how to set your current Wi-Fi as your home network
If you’re sharing YouTube TV as part of a Family group, each famiy member can watch on their own screen at the same time. You can only do this on your home Wi-Fi network. If you try using unlimited screens on other networks, you temporarily won't be able to use this feature.

Steps to add 4K Plus to your membership

Purchase for this add-on is not available on iPhone or iPad devices.

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