Get an overview of channel performance

The Overview tab in YouTube Analytics gives you a high-level summary of how your channel and videos are performing on YouTube. The key metrics card shows your views, watch time, subscribers, and estimated revenue (If you’re in the YouTube Partner Program). 
Note: Some reports may not be available on mobile devices.

View your overview reports

YouTube Android app

In the YouTube app, you can view the following all-time metrics for your channel: Subs, Views, Likes, Comments, Shares, and the number of public videos.

You can also view your recent views for the last 7 days, and the stats of the latest content on your channel. For more detailed analytics, you can use the YouTube Studio app .

  1. Open the YouTube app .
  2. Tap your profile picture and then Your channel.
  3. From the middle menu, tap Analytics  to view a brief summary of your channel performance.

YouTube Studio app for Android

  1. Open the YouTube Studio app .
  2. From the bottom menu, tap Analytics .
  3. The Overview tab will appear by default. 

Top content

The top videos report highlights your most popular videos. By default, the report shows top videos by view.


The Realtime report gives you early insights into the performance of your recently published videos. The report also gives you info on your top videos and subscriber count. You can also view the expanded analytics report to compare 60 minute and 48 hour performance.

Metrics to know


The number of legitimate views for your channels or videos.

Watch time (hours)

The amount of time viewers have watched your video.


The number of viewers who have subscribed to your channel.

Estimated revenue

Total estimated revenue (net revenue) from all Google-sold ads and transactions for the selected date range and area.

Average view duration

Estimated average minutes watched per view for the selected video and date range.


How many times your thumbnails were shown to viewers on YouTube through registered impressions.

Impressions click-through-rate

How often viewers watched a video after seeing a thumbnail.

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