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[Ad-Friendly Content Guidelines] Ask us anything! YouTube Team will be here Friday January 25th. 15 Recommended Answers 52 Replies 629 Upvotes
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We’re excited to share a unique opportunity with you. The Ads Policy team here at YouTube (the folks that manage and write the monetization policies that decide which icon a video gets) would like to hear your questions and feedback about the Ad-Friendly Guidelines, including this new Help Center article that allows you to rate your content against the guidelines to get a better understanding of how suitable your video is for advertisers.

If you have any videos that received a yellow icon but you’re not sure why, post the video below and we’ll pick some of them to discuss live with the team this week and share more details on why the yellow $ icon was applied.

Here are some potential questions you could ask the team:
Do the same policies apply for gaming content?
What’s an example of a ‘sensitive current event’?
How many times can I use profanity in a video before I get demonetized?

Starting today: you can submit your questions related to YouTube’s Ad-Friendly Content Guidelines using the comments below and on Friday January 25th at 11:00am PST, our policy specialists will be here answering as many questions as possible – right here on this thread.

Please bear in mind! The team will only answer questions related to this specific topic (since again, they only work on monetization policies, not things like YPP or other monetization product features). We’ll remove all off-topic questions that aren't relevant to the team.

Looking forward to all your questions!

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How to I get my channel to stop being censored by advertisers on youtube, as not suitable for most advertisers, which will become a freedom of speech violation, without transparency, since advertisers are anonymous , not transparent, they can target, blacklist & exclude?  I am seeing a double standard & inequality in advertising, where some network youtubers, get a pass as part of a corporate network vs independent digital content creator on youtube are being flagged as inappropriate! Why is my whole channel flagged as inappropriate & who did this, because it would be very time consuming unless a network of people was incentivized to flag my channel on youtube, which has been done in the past?  How is this equality in advertising on youtube?   How do we get a youtube union or equal wage for all youtubers?  I recently watched McJuggernuggets on YouTube who said he is geting $00.22 cents CPM where Kidbehindccamera is getting $10.00 CPM!  

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I have noticed that you guys have a serious problem when it comes to what is "advertiser suitable" How can I know where the line is with what content is suitable and what content isn't, there are no clear lines drawn.

One example I found is a channel that someone on the YT team decided to completely strike down called Mumkey Jones, before he had his channel terminated the videos that were struck were "manually reviewed" and were deemed advertiser friendly. When his GF let him use her channel to make more content once again someone on the team struck down his content. 

So where is the line? I don't want my channel to get struck down because of something I said over 5 months ago, and I don't want to get insta-banned by getting three strikes in a row instantly like he did.
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I know that when a creator channel is eligible for monetization, the money earned during the dispute is held until the dispute is resolved one way or another. However, I have noticed a marked increase in false claims over the last couple of months. The disputes are often left unanswered until the 30 day waiting period is over, after which the claim is automatically dropped.

-How is monetization handled when the channel cannot be monetized by the creator?
-Are ads still run on this channel even though the creator cannot earn money from his or her own content?
-If a copyright claim is disputed by the creator, during this dispute period, are ads still running on the video even though the channel does not qualify for monetization?
-If ads are still being run on the channel during the dispute period, are the funds being withheld during this time, just like they are when the channel is eligible for monetization?
-After the claimant either drops the claim or simply waits out the 30 day period, in which the claim is automatically dropped (because it was a false hit or falsified claim to begin with) where does that revenue go? (Again taking into consideration that the channel is not eligible for monetization by the creator due to YouTube's arbitrary requirements).
-Why can someone make a copyright claim against a video and receive earnings from 100% of that video even if what they claimed makes up only 10% of the video content? For example, a 10 minute video uses an image for 1 total minute in that video that someone makes a claim for. The other 9 minutes of that video is original content produced by the creator and may have no other relation to the image. Why does the creator then not get any revenue for the 90% of content that is solely his or her work?
-Why is a channel eligible to earn revenue for someone who makes a copyright claim against a video but not for the creator of the channel if the channel does not meet the eligibility requirements for YPP? If any and all channels can become revenue inducing channels because of a copyright claim, then why (in fairness to the creators) should they not all be eligible for revenue for the creator making the content?
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OK-  I have two questions for the team:

1)  I use an intro made for me by a YT friend which is about 15 seconds long on my occasional 2/3 minute long videos to mostly about 10 to 15 minute long videos (therefore only a small percentage of most of my videos).  Meaning that I do not own the copyright to the intro, he does.
Question arising:  does this present a problem for being ad-friendly?

2)  Let's suppose one wished to monetise only every other video, because half of the videos may not qualify for monetisation due to just having permission to post from the rights holders (i.e. possibly not being eligible for commercial use).
The two part question is:  can one still qualify a channel for monetisation which one intends to only monetise maybe half the content of?  If not-  what is the necessary percentage threshold to be considered a candidate?
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