Health information panels

For searches related to COVID-19, you may see information panels that show health info from authoritative sources, such as the World Health Organization, and other health ministries. The information panel includes independent third-party info, such as symptoms, treatment, and prevention. You can also go to the third party’s website to learn more. We give you this context to give you the most authoritative info for health-related searches.

Where the info comes from

We make sure that health info about COVID-19 on YouTube comes from authoritative websites including government agencies, health ministries, and centers for disease control. These sources currently include the World Health Organization and the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. 

We’ll continue to expand our health information panels to more health organizations and health topics.

When to consult a healthcare professional

Health-related info on YouTube doesn’t apply to everyone and isn’t medical advice. If you have a medical concern, make sure to contact a healthcare provider. If you think you may have a medical emergency, please contact your doctor or your local emergency number.

Report incorrect information

If you see problems with the health info on YouTube, please send us feedback.

Information YouTube stores about your health searches

To find and remove your searches, go to your data in YouTube. You can also learn how to view and delete search history.

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