Remove claimed content from your video

If your video has been claimed by Content ID for a copyright owner’s content, there may be restrictions on where the video is available, such as whether you can monetize the video.

Assisted Trim is a feature in the YouTube Studio Video Copyright Info page that enables you to trim out the portion of your video where the claimed content appears. The endpoints of the edit are pre-set to where the claim appears. The video's URL, view count, and comments will stay the same following the edit.

Important: This feature is only available for videos shorter than 6 hours.

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Click the Videos tab.
  3. Find the video and claim(s) you want to trim out the claimed content from. If your video has multiple claims, you’ll need to edit each of them individually.
  4. Click the SELECT ACTION dropdown.
  5. Click on Trim out segment.
  6. You can preview your Trim edit by enabling Preview trimmed video below the player. 
    1. Note: If the section includes info cards, ad breaks, and end screens, they’ll also be removed. 
  7. Click Continue and then Trim to execute the edit.
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