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YouTube BrandConnect is a self-service platform that connects creators with opportunities for branded content campaigns. Brands can use our proprietary influencer dashboard to execute their branded content campaigns and identify creators to work with.

For creators, the YouTube BrandConnect platform features:

  • Opportunities to earn money working on branded content campaigns that are aligned with your preferences
  • Self-service tools within YouTube Studio to manage campaigns
  • A customizable Media Kit, with audience insights tailored to your channel, so you can pitch yourself to brands and secure deals. Learn how to use your Media Kit.
  • Best practices and resources to help guide you

With YouTube BrandConnect, you can effectively manage your campaigns, retain creative control, and choose who to work with.

Availability and eligibility requirements

YouTube BrandConnect is in Beta and only available to eligible creators in one of the available countries/regions at this time.

To participate on the YouTube BrandConnect platform, your channel must meet these minimum eligibility requirements:

Your channel must also follow YouTube’s monetization policies, including:


YouTube BrandConnect is available to eligible creators in the following countries/regions:
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Turn on YouTube BrandConnect

To turn on YouTube BrandConnect for your channel using a computer:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. In the left menu, click Earn.
  3. Click the BrandConnect tab. This tab will only surface if your channel is eligible.
  4. At the top of the screen, click Get Started or at the bottom of the screen click Let’s Go.
  5. Review and accept the YouTube BrandConnect Module.

To turn on YouTube BrandConnect for your channel using your mobile device:

  1. Open the YouTube Studio mobile app .
  2. From the bottom menu, tap Earn .
  3. Tap the BrandConnect card. This card will only surface if your channel is eligible.
  4. Tap Turn on.
  5. Review and accept the YouTube BrandConnect Module.
Note: MCNs can accept the YouTube BrandConnect Module through their Studio content owner account, within Settings and then Agreements.

Manage YouTube BrandConnect

Set your preferences

Once you’ve accepted the YouTube BrandConnect Module, you’re eligible to get branded content opportunities. Brands can now discover you, but signing up does not guarantee the availability of branded content opportunities.

Opportunities from brands are surfaced directly in YouTube Studio where you can review the details. Your preferences will automatically filter opportunities to make sure that they’re relevant and acceptably priced. You can change your preferences to improve your matches to suit your needs:

  1. Go to the Earn section of YouTube Studio.
  2. Select BrandConnect and then Set preferences.

Deal management

You can view the details for each opportunity in your dashboard by selecting SEE DETAILS in YouTube Studio or the YouTube Studio mobile app. Each opportunity includes a high-level overview of the campaign’s timeline. The campaign timeline lets you work through the deal and view where you are in the process. The campaign’s timeline will include three high-level stages: offer, campaign videos, and campaign performance.


The “Offer” section will outline the details for your campaign and include more info about the brand:


The amount of money you can earn for this deal. The final amount that you can earn from the deal will vary based on factors including, but not limited to campaign size and creator reach. You can negotiate the price for each opportunity.

Overview An overview of the campaign and the product or service from the brand. This section will include any ideas the brand wants you to share with viewers and the action the brand wants you to encourage viewers to perform.
Summary of deliverables What you must deliver to the brand for the campaign.
Product info A description of the product or service given to you by the brand in exchange for your services.

About (brand)

A high-level overview of the brand and a link to the brand’s website.

Responding to Offers 

If you’re based in the United States, the actions you can take on an offer will depend on your terms and whether Google or the brand offers the deal. 

If you’ve signed the YouTube BrandConnect Module terms and you’re offered a deal directly from a brand, you can perform the following actions on that offer:

  • Interested: If you select interested, we will share your contact details with the brand so they can contact you to negotiate a deal. When you confirm your interest, you can also add details to your confirmation, like contact preferences, which can help the brand know how best to contact you. The deal will include payment terms, price, and contract language. To proceed with a deal, you will sign an agreement directly with the brand and you will be paid by the brand. Make sure you understand the terms of any agreement you sign with a brand; you may wish to consult a legal professional.
  •  Decline: If you choose Decline, we will let the brand know you don't want to proceed with an agreement.

If you’ve signed the YouTube BrandConnect Self-Service Platform Beta terms, you may be offered deals from Google, which include a price to be paid by Google to your AdSense for YouTube account. You can perform the following actions on such an offer: 

  • Accept: If you Accept, you will be asked to sign an agreement with the brand. If you fulfill the agreement terms, you will be paid by Google for your participation. Make sure you understand the terms of any agreement you sign with a brand.
  • Counter: If you choose Counter, you can negotiate a new price to participate in the opportunity.  
  • Discuss: If you choose Discuss, you can reach out to the brand to learn more about the offer.
  • Decline: If you choose Decline, we will let the brand know you don't want to proceed with an agreement.

Campaign videos

Once you’ve accepted a brand deal, you can work on the content for your campaign. The “Campaign videos” section outlines next steps for you to upload your content, as Unlisted, and submit one or more videos to the brand for review and approval. If the brand has any feedback, you will get an email with your brand partner’s comments.

In addition to brand reviews, your content is also reviewed against Google Ads policies and Community Guidelines. Once your content is fully approved, you get an email and status update in YouTube Studio. You can publish your content right away, or schedule when you want it to go live. Make sure you publish according to the timeline you agreed to with the brand.

Campaign performance

The “Campaign performance” section gives you a high-level overview of your content’s performance, including, but not limited to:

  • The days left in your campaign
  • Your content’s views
  • Likes

You can also view further details about your content’s performance in YouTube Analytics.


How can I work with YouTube BrandConnect?

Right now, YouTube BrandConnect is in Beta and only available to a small group of creators in the available countries/regions. If you’re eligible for the Beta, the BrandConnect tab will surface in YouTube Studio. We’re hoping to roll this feature out to more creators and countries/regions soon.

Can agents / managers use YouTube BrandConnect for their creators?

Yes. We send email notifications about new opportunities to the email address associated with the channel. If the creator wants you to get these email notifications, they can modify the email address associated with their channel. Your creator can also add you as an authorized user to have you manage deals for them directly in YouTube Studio.

Where can I view my revenue from YouTube BrandConnect?

For deals offered directly from Google and subject to the YouTube BrandConnect Self-Service Platform Beta Terms, you can view your revenue in YouTube Analytics. Select the relevant time period, and a “YouTube BrandConnect revenue” row will surface on the card. Learn more about where your revenue comes from.
If you signed a deal directly with a brand, your revenue from the deal will not surface in YouTube Analytics.

Should I link the videos from a branded content campaign to the advertiser?

If you’ve partnered with an advertiser on a branded content campaign, the advertiser may send you a request to link content from the campaign to their Google Ads account. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you accept the advertiser’s request and you should always do what’s best for your channel.
If you accept the linking request, the advertiser can view the content’s organic performance metrics in Google Ads and use linked videos in their advertising. Learn more about how to link your branded content to an advertiser.

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