Removing call-to-action overlays from Creator Studio

On March 11, 2019, we’re removing the option to add or edit call-to-action overlays (CTAs) in Video Manager and existing CTAs will be removed from videos. After this date, CTAs will only be available on video ads and can be set up in Google Ads.

If you want to link out to other YouTube videos or channels on your video, you can use cards and end screens. Channels that are part of the YouTube Partner Program can also link to approved merch, crowdfunding or associated websites on cards and endscreens.

If you are part of the YouTube Nonprofit Program, you can still use Link Anywhere cards and end screens. Learn more.

Why is this happening? Call-to-action overlays are a feature designed to add information to video ads. For all other videos, you should use cards or end screens to link out to approved merch, crowdfunding and associated websites, and other YouTube channels and videos.
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