Learn about scheduled copyright takedown requests

If a copyright owner finds their copyright-protected work posted on YouTube without authorization, they may schedule a takedown request for the content.

Once the request is validated, YouTube gives the uploader 7 days to remove the video and avoid a copyright strike. If they don't, the video is removed after 7 days.

During this 7-day period, there are a few different actions uploaders can take:

  • Do nothing: Uploaders can wait for the takedown request to take effect once the 7-day period is over. At that point, the targeted video will be removed from YouTube and a copyright strike will be applied to the uploader's account.
    • Note: A video can get more than one Content ID claim or takedown request, but can only get one copyright strike at a time.
  • Delete the video: If the uploader removes their video from YouTube before 7-day period is over, then their channel won't get a copyright strike.
  • Contact the copyright owner: Uploaders can get in touch with the copyright owner who submitted the takedown request for their video and inquire about a retraction. Learn more about retractions of copyright infringement claims.
  • Cancel an appeal: If the scheduled takedown request was a result of an uploader appealing a Content ID claim, the uploader can cancel their appeal within the 7-day period. By canceling, the uploader prevents the takedown of their video and won’t get a copyright strike. The Content ID claim will remain active on their video. Learn more about the difference between copyright takedowns and Content ID claims.

After the 7-day period is over, when YouTube removes the video, the uploader's channel will get a copyright strike. Removing the video at that point will not resolve the strike. Strikes expire after 90 days, but their video won't be reinstated after the strike expires. If it's the uploader's first strike, they'll need to complete Copyright School.

At this point, if the uploader believes their video was mistakenly removed, they can submit a counter notification.

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