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The Gaming destination page is a great place to find new gaming content on YouTube. You can get to the Gaming destination page from the Explore Tab on mobile or from the side menu on your computer. 

On the Gaming destination page, there are sections for trending gaming videos, top live streams, and top live games (where you can explore more content featuring that game). There’s also a section for the latest gaming videos from your subscriptions. 

Gaming Creators on the Rise are found on the Gaming destination page. Every week, an up-and-coming gaming creator is highlighted here and in the gaming Trending tab. 

For more gaming content, you can explore game pages, which YouTube auto-generates. You can find game pages below a video’s description when you’re watching any gaming video. Game pages have different sections where content (like popular videos and live streams) is collected from all across YouTube. You can also explore other games from the same publisher or developer on game pages. Subscribing to a game page will add a link to it in your subscriptions list.


How does YouTube decide when to auto-generate a game page?

An auto-generated game page is created when a game has a significant presence on the site. If a game doesn't have an auto-generated game page, it may be because:

  • There are only a few videos on the game.
  • There aren't many views for videos on this game.
  • The videos on the game don't meet YouTube's quality threshold.
How does YouTube decide what content goes into an auto-generated game page?

Using algorithms, YouTube figures out the central topics in a video and uses that info to develop video collections for a game. These game pages don't convey any editorial opinion on the part of YouTube.

How do I get my channels or videos to show up in an auto-generated game page?

You don't need to do anything except follow the standard best practices for discovery of a video: have a good title and description. 

Remember to focus on quality of tags rather than the quantity. And, as always, don't try to mislead viewers — that's a violation of YouTube's Community Guidelines.

If your gaming video shows on the wrong topic channel, check its title, description, and category. In YouTube Studio, be sure the “Gaming” category is selected and that you’ve chosen the right game.

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