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Monetization icon changes between green and yellow

You may be experiencing an issue where a video's monetization $ icon in Video Manager changes between green (monetizing) and yellow (limited or no ads) .

This is because our automated ads systems run multiple scans to determine whether a given video meets our advertiser-friendly content guidelines. A video's classification may change after it's published as our systems continue to analyze more information from your video. We’re actively working to make this process happen faster.

We also recently released an update to our monetization classifier. While this update reduced misclassifications for videos all across YouTube, it may have caused some green icons to change to yellow as our updated systems take another look at previously uploaded videos.

What you can do

We know our systems don't always get it right, so if you see a yellow icon and feel that it's a mistake, you can appeal. An appeal gets sent to an expert, human reviewer and their decisions help our systems get smarter over time.

To get an early read on whether your content is likely to receive a yellow icon, you can upload a video as unlisted or private and check the monetization status before making the video public.

We typically do an initial classification of the video within 2 hours after upload. If the icon is yellow, you can take steps to ensure the video will be monetized before publishing it:

  • If your channel has more than 10,000 subscribers: You can request a manual review of your unlisted or private video regardless of its view count. Then, you can wait to publish the video until you’ve received an email update with the outcome of the review. Keep in mind that while waiting for the appeal result, the video's icon may switch between yellow and green. 
  • If your channel has fewer than 10,000 subscribers: Make sure you've reviewed our advertiser-friendly content guidelines — not just for the content of the video but also for the title, description, thumbnail, and tags. If you make adjustments to the title, description, or thumbnail, the system will take another look at the video within 24 hours (without having to request a manual review).

We know this is difficult for some types of videos, such as breaking news, and we're continuing to improve our systems to minimize the need for appeals. 

We have different process for channels with different subscriber levels because we want to make sure that videos from channels that could have early traffic to earn money are not caught in a long queue behind videos that get little to no traffic and have nominal earnings.

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