Live stream using iOS ReplayKit

Note: If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can stream using the YouTube app on iPhone and iPad. Learn more.

Live streaming on YouTube through iOS ReplayKit is available on devices running iOS version 10.2+. When using a supported app such as Procreate, Asphalt 8: Airborne, or Mobile Legends: Bang bang, you can stream directly to YouTube.
Note that each supported app will have its own location for this setting.
  1. Select YouTube as the streaming app.
  2. Create title, then select a privacy setting.
  3. Optional: Select other settings.
    • Add a description.
    • Turn live chat on or off.
    • Turn age restriction on or off for your stream.
    • Indicate whether your stream contains paid promotion and add a paid promotion disclosure. 
    • Select the back arrow.
  4. Optional: Stream in landscape mode.
    • Hold your device in landscape mode. 
    • Make sure your screen rotation lock is off.
  5.  Optional: To share your stream, tap SHARE.
  6. Select GO LIVE.

To end a stream, stop the app. You can edit the privacy setting (including setting it to private) or delete the archive of your stream on the My Videos page.

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