I’m not receiving notifications, but I want to

Are you having any of these common issues? 

  • I'm subscribed to a channel but not receiving notifications.
  • I am receiving some but not all notifications. 
  • I used to receive notifications but now I don't.
  • I'm getting notifications but they're not popping up on my screen. 
  • I am not receiving notifications at all, anywhere.
  • I want to get notifications from my Chrome browser (computer only).
  • I want to get email notifications (computer only).

For help, check the settings below.

Before you get started, go to YouTube.com on your computer.

Check the account you're signed in to

Make sure that you're signed in to the account with the notification settings you've set.
  1. Go to the Account icon .
  2. Click Switch account.
  3. You'll see which account you're signed in to. If it's not the one with the notification settings you've set, click the account you'd like to sign in to, or to sign in to a different account, click Add account.

Check your account notification settings

  1. Go to the Account icon .
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under "Account settings," click Notifications. 
  4. Under "Channel subscriptions," check the box next to "Occasionally notify me of new videos and activity from my subscriptions."
  5. Select whether you would like the notifications to come in as "Push," "Email," or both.
    • Push notifications show on your mobile screen. 
    • Email notifications are notifications that are emailed to you.
  6. If you want comment notifications, under "Comments & Activity," check the box next to "Activity on my videos or channel" and "Activity on my comments on others' videos."

Check your channel settings

If you're subscribed to a channel but aren't receiving notifications, it may be because the channel's notification settings are off.
To turn all notifications on:
  1. Go to the channel for which you'd like to receive all notifications.
  2. Click the bell next to the Subscribe button  to get all notifications.
    • Note that you can only turn on the bell after you subscribe to a channel. 

Check your email settings

If you're not receiving email notifications, check if you have notifications enabled for your email. 
  1. Go to the Account icon .
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under "Account settings," click Notifications.
  4. Click the circle next to "Send me emails about my YouTube activity (except emails I've unsubscribed from)."
  5. Under "I'd like to receive email updates from YouTube about," check the box next to "General updates, announcements, and videos." 

Check your Chrome notification settings

You can choose to get YouTube notifications when using Google Chrome Browser. When you turn them on, you'll get pop-up notifications in your browser with updates from channels you subscribe to.
  1. Go to the Account icon .
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under "Account settings," click Notifications.
  4. Under "Desktop notifications," click the button next to Chrome to turn notifications on or off.

If you don't see the "Desktop notifications" option, your Chrome browser notifications may be blocked. Unblock notifications with the instructions below.

  1. Click the lock icon next to the link in the Chrome search bar.
  2. Go to "Notifications."
  3. Click the drop-down menu, and select Always allow on this site.

If you've taken all of these steps and you're still having problems, let us know by submitting feedback.

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