YouTube Certified FAQ

Applying to the program

My application is under review, what is the status of my application?

Your application was not accepted because the email domain you applied with did not match the email domain we have on file for your company. In order to be accepted, the email you apply with must match the email domain on file.

Reach out to your partner manager to confirm your company email domain is on file. After your partner confirms your email address is on file, you can apply again.

I don't have a partner manager, what should I do?

You may be eligible to work with our YouTube Partnerships team. You can check the eligibility criteria and reach out to them for a consultation if you're eligible.


I can't complete the exam within 90 days. Can I get an extension?

Unfortunately, we don’t grant extensions. Once your 90-day limit has passed, you can re-enroll in the program by submitting another application. After re-enrolling, you’ll have another 90 days to complete the course and exam.

How many attempts do I have to pass the exam?

You have 2 opportunities to pass the exam. If you don't pass the exam within these two opportunities, you can reapply to the program in 2 months and will have 2 more attempts to take the exam.


My current certification is expired. How do I get recertified?

If your current certification is expired, you can recertify by applying to one of the four certifications at, studying the learning materials, and passing the exam. Once you pass, your certification is valid for 18 months.
You or your company should be recertified within 30 days of your certification expiring. We’ll email you 30 days prior to your certification expiration with an invitation to recertify.

issues

I can't sign in to my Litmos account. How can I get access?

You can use the Litmos password reset option. Try resetting your password and signing in again. If this does not work, reach out to your partner manager.

Program feedback

If you'd like to report a company that you feel is falsely claiming to be YouTube Certified (i.e., not listed in the YouTube Certified Partner directory), you can submit a complaint.

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