Engage viewers with Community posts

Creators with access to the Community posts can interact with viewers using rich media. Community posts can include polls, GIFs, text, images, and video. Community posts help provide additional reach on YouTube and greater engagement with your audience. They always appear on the Community tab, and may appear in Home or the Subscriptions feed. Learn how viewers can respond to your posts. 

Creators with over 1,000 subscribers have access to Community posts. It will take up to 1 week to see the Community tab after passing 1,000 subscribers. The Community tab may also be available to other channels as we continue testing this feature.

If your channel is eligible for Community posts, but you don't see the Community tab, you'll need to enable the custom channel layout. You can change these settings from your computer by following these instructions. The custom layout must be enabled for the Community tab to be visible.

Sign in to YouTube on a computer to follow the instructions.

Create a Community post

Follow these steps to create a new Community post.

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. At the top of the page, select Upload and then Create post.
  3. In the box at the top:
    • Type a message to create a text post or add text to an image, GIF, or video post.
    • Choose to create a video , poll , or image post.
  4. Select Post.


If you have community posts enabled, you can post playlists or music from Artists that you enjoy. Learn more about Community posts here.

  1. Click Create in the upper right hand corner .
  2. Select "Create Post."
  3. Click on the text field.
  4. Paste in the playlist URL.
    • Tip: Look for “playlist” in the URL to ensure you’re sharing a playlist, and not simply a video within a playlist context. Example: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=<playlist ID >. Learn more about finding the playlist URL

  5. Click Post.

Text posts

You can create a text post by typing your message in the text box at the top of the Community tab. You can post your text by itself, or with a video, image, or GIF. Text posts can’t be combined with polls.

Image and GIF posts

If you choose to upload an image with your post, you’ll be prompted to select an image or animated GIF from your computer.

Keep in mind that all images must follow YouTube Community Guidelines.

Video posts

If you choose to add a video to your post, you can either:

  • Search for a YouTube video
  • Paste in a YouTube video URL
  • Select a video from your YouTube channel

When you create a post that shares a video by another creator, a notification may be sent to the original uploader of the video. This helps creators acknowledge when other creators are sharing their videos.

Note: To ensure your viewers don't see the same content multiple times, Community posts featuring a video already in their Subscription feed or Home feed might not show again.


If you choose to add a poll to your post, you’ll be asked to:

  1. Enter a question in the text field.
  2. Enter answers in the "Add option" fields.
  3. If you need more answer fields, click +Add another option and enter the question(s) and answer(s).

Note: Poll options can be 65 characters max.

Add hearts to favorite comments

You can use a heart icon to show appreciation for a viewer's comments on your Community tab comments, in addition to comments on the watch page.

  1. Navigate to a Community tab post.
  2. Look for the heart icon next to the thumbs up / thumbs down icons.

Viewers will see your avatar with a small red heart on the lower left and receive a notification (depending on viewer opt-in settings on desktop and mobile) that a channel owner "loves your comment."

Mention other channels in a post

You can mention other YouTube channels in your Community posts on a computer by typing @ followed immediately by the channel name. The channel may get a notification that you’ve mentioned them. Viewers can click on the mention from any device and go directly to that channel page.
Moderate comments
You can hold potentially inappropriate English comments on your Community posts as well as videos for you to later review. This can make it easier for you to moderate comments on your channel. Learn more about this feature.

Enable on new videos, Community posts and channel comments

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Click on your account icon , then click Creator Studio.
  3. In the left menu, select Community > Community Settings.
  4. Scroll down to the "Default Settings" section.
  5. Select Hold all comments for review or Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review.

Access to the Discussion tab

The Community tab replaces the Discussion tab. Comments from the Discussion tab can be accessed in the activity log and will be available for at least 30 days after your account gets access to the Community tab.

To access the activity log, go to www.youtube.com/comments.

See previous Community posts

You can see a history of all of your previous Community posts on the Community tab.

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Select your profile icon > My channel.
  3. Select the Community tab.

How notifications work

Viewers will occasionally get Community post notifications if they are opted into bell notifications (either "All" or "Occasional") and have selected to "Include creator posts."
Viewers may opt out of post notifications by unchecking "Include creator posts" or by selecting "None" in the bell settings.
We may occasionally send post notifications to viewers who are not subscribed but frequently watch videos from your channel. To learn more about viewer notification settings, click here.
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