Smart TVs & streaming devices (including Roku)

After linking your phone, tablet or computer to the YouTube app on your TV,  you can use your device to control what you watch next.

When you select a video, you'll be able to either play the video immediately, or add it to the TV Queue. The TV Queue allows you to create a list of videos to watch on your TV and removes the need to select a new video each time one ends.

Smart TV availability

  • Android TVs
  • Funai
  • HiSense
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Pioneer
  • Sharp
  • Skyworth
  • Sony
  • TCL
  • Toshiba
  • TPV
  • Vestel
  • Vizio

Note: If you're a YouTube TV member looking to watch YouTube TV on your television, check out the YouTube TV Help Centre for more information.

Control your TV queue

View, add and remove videos from your TV queue. 

Add videos to TV queue

  1. Tap a video that you want to add. 
  2. Select +TV Queue.

View your TV queue

  1. Tap video player to play in full screen
  2. Tap TV Queue.

Remove videos from your TV queue

  1. Tap video player to play in full screen
  2. Tap  TV Queue
  3. Find the video that you want to remove from TV queue
  4. Tap .
  5. Select Remove from TV queue.


When you reach the end of your queue, our auto-play feature will suggest and automatically play more videos. Auto-play is switched on by default, but you can turn it off. 

Turn off auto-play

  1. Connect to your TV device and pick a video to play. 
  2. Tap the queue header from the watch page to see your auto-play settings. 
  3. Use the toggle at the bottom of the screen to turn auto-play off.

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