Multi-channel network (MCN) operations manual

Tips for using YouTube Analytics & Downloadable Reports

MCNs can see how the content in their network is performing using both YouTube Analytics and downloadable reports available to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

You can find the most accurate data for earnings and views using the following tips.

See your Earnings metrics

You can use YouTube Analytics to see your network's earnings data:

  • Estimated earnings in YouTube Analytics is updated daily.
  • YouTube Analytics has a data delay of approximately 2 days for Earnings data.

You can use your monthly performance reports to see financial data:

See your Views metrics

When looking at "Views" data for specific videos, MCNs may see a discrepancy between Total views in a performance report and views listed in YouTube Analytics. This is because:

  • Downloadable performance reports only count claimed views
  • YouTube Analytics counts unclaimed partner-uploaded views and claimed views
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