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Campaign Performance report

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

The Campaign Performance report provides data on clicks to a campaign over the set of assets applied to the campaign, and is available on a weekly basis from the Reports section of the Content Manager. Use the report to assess how different campaigns are performing over time relative to one another.

This report does not include default “Feature official videos on fan uploads” links, or automatic links for transactional content. Refer to this Help Center article to learn more about how to choose the campaign type that’s right for you.


Field Definition
Campaign title The title of the campaign
Campaign ID YouTube-generated ID for this campaign. Unique within each partner account.
Campaign Start Date The first day of the campaign, as designated by the partner
Campaign End Date The last day of the campaign, as designated by the partner
Target type Type of featured content specified as the campaign target (e.g. video or channel)
Target ID Video or channel ID specified as the  campaign target
Asset labels For label-based campaigns, list of asset labels applied to campaign. Note: Changing asset labels mid-week can lead to differing asset count in report.
Assets For asset-based campaigns, list of asset ids applied to campaign. Limit of assets is 25.
Total number of assets Number of assets applied to campaign. For label-based campaigns, includes count of all assets included under the relevant asset labels. Note: Changing assets applied to campaign mid-week can lead to differing asset count in report.
Number of UGC videos Number of user-uploaded videos claimed by asset(s) applied to campaign that are eligible to show a campaign link. Remember that user-uploaded videos with brief matches are not eligible to show a campaign link, and are not included in this report. Learn more about creating a campaign.
Weekly public UGC view count Approximate weekly views on user-uploaded videos eligible to show campaign link. Fraudulent views have been removed.
Note that using this number will not give you an exact clickthrough rate. A few examples of reasons: some users may have disabled cards; target videos may not be available in a user’s territory; users may abandon the video before seeing campaign card; and some links may not appear for  videos with multiple campaigns.
Weekly raw clicks on campaign card Weekly raw count of clicks on campaign card leading to the featured content (video or channel).


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