What is a campaign?


These features are only available to partners who use YouTube Studio Content Manager.

In Studio Content Manager, campaigns offer a way to promote your content from user-uploaded videos.

If your asset is part of a campaign, a promotional card gets added to user-uploaded videos that match the asset’s reference file, as determined by Content ID or manual claiming. The promotional card links viewers directly to your content.

Example: You could create a campaign that links to your movie's watch page whenever Content ID claims a user-uploaded video containing scenes from your movie.

A campaign can apply to all of your assets or just to selected assets. You can also create more than one campaign for different groups of assets.

Campaign types

There are two types of campaigns you can create:

  • Default campaigns, which link to official videos by default.
  • Custom campaigns, which link to specific videos of your choosing.

Learn more about creating campaigns.


  • Campaigns add cards to user-uploaded videos that match the visual or audiovisual component of your asset's reference.
  • Only music label partners are eligible to create a campaign based only on the audio component of a reference.
  • Cards don't appear on videos with brief matches.


How many campaigns can I create?

Up to 5000 campaigns can be created per Content Manager account.

Where do promotional cards appear in videos?

If Content ID claims a user-uploaded video, the card will show at the beginning of the matched portion of the video.

If a user-uploaded video is manually claimed, the card will show at the end of their video.

If the user’s video isn't available as a playable YouTube video, no card will show for videos claimed against your asset.

How do I choose which type of campaign to create?

Choosing a campaign type depends on what content you’re trying to promote. In general, default campaigns take less time to set up, but are not as targeted as custom campaigns. Learn more about creating campaigns and how to choose the best type for your content.

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