Donate to a nonprofit with YouTube Giving

YouTube Giving is designed to help strengthen the way creators and fans interact with charitable giving on YouTube. Some videos and live streams give you the option to donate to a nonprofit that the video creator is supporting.

YouTube covers transaction fees, so 100% of the money you donate goes to the eligible nonprofit. Donations to nonprofits are non-refundable. Read our YouTube Giving FAQs for more info.

How to donate

Donate button

Some creators have donate buttons displayed next to their videos and live streams. To donate, follow the steps below.

Go to the video with the donate button on it, then:

  1. Select DONATE.
  2. Select the amount of money that you want to donate and then CONTINUE.
  3. Choose your payment method.
  4. Click DONATE and then DONE.

The nonprofit and the YouTube creator won't see your personal info.

You'll get a receipt emailed to you after your payment has been processed.

Live Chat Donations

Live Chat Donations has replaced Super Chat for Good for live chat donations. When a creator is fundraising on a live stream and has turned on live chat, you’ll see the Donate button in the chat.

To donate:

  1. Select Donate within the live chat. Mobile devices must be in portrait mode to see the live chat.
  2. Select a donation amount or select Other to enter a different value.
  3. Select I want my donation to be public to display your username in the live chat. Otherwise, your donation amount will show as “Anonymous.”
  4. Select DONATE.
  5. To finish your donation, follow the on-screen instructions.
Note: If you don’t want your username to show next to your donation, uncheck the box next to I want my donation to be public.

You'll get a receipt emailed to you after your payment is processed.

Tax info about your donation

Learn about tax info in the Donations Help Center.

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