Compare versions of asset metadata

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

When you have provided multiple versions of the metadata for an asset, the METADATA tab on the assets detail page shows the versions in the History box to the left of the main panel. The versions are ordered by date, with the most recent update at the top.

To take a closer look at the versions, including any versions delivered by other partners, click the Compare metadata button. The comparison view displays a row for each metadata version, color-coded to highlight the differences between versions. (Differences appear in bold in the light-blue rows.) A DISPLAY badge appears next to the metadata version that identifies this asset when an uploader receives a claim. The version does not affect ownership or policy.

To export the full set of metadata versions for deeper analysis, click Export to CSV

What do the different row colors mean?

In comparison view, the dark blue row is the most recent version of metadata you provided, or the display metadata if you didn't provide metadata. This is the version that shows in your reports.

Light blue indicates that some data in that row is different from the most recent metadata you provided. The non-matching values appear in bold.

Why are only some differences shown in bold?

Comparison view highlights differences in metadata fields commonly used to identify an asset. The compared fields for each asset type are:

Sound recording

  • Song
  • Artist
  • Audio ISRC


  • Title
  • Writers
  • ISWC
  • HFA Song Code

Music video

  • Song
  • Artist
  • Video ISRC

Art Track

  • Song
  • Artist
  • Audio ISRC


  • Title


  • Title
  • Directors

TV episode

  • Episode title
  • Show title
  • Episode number
  • Season number


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