Defamation Complaint Requirements

The easiest way to file a complaint is to use our defamation webform.

By submitting a legal complaint to YouTube, you agree that YouTube may send the legal complaint to the Lumen Database. Before publicly posting a notice of your submission, the Lumen Database will redact any personal info (like phone number, email, or physical address). We may then publicly share the link to that complaint. You can find an example of a Lumen Database notice here.

YouTube will only consider legal complaints where we've been notified by the party in question or their authorized legal representative.

If a video contains your personal info without consent, including your image, name, or national identification number, please contact us through our Privacy Complaint Process.

Section 1: Complainant's info

  1. Country/region of dispute
  2. Your full legal name
  3. Your YouTube channel, if you have one
  4. Are you acting on behalf of yourself or a client?
  5. Your contact Info

    You’ll need to give info that will allow us and the uploader(s) of any video(s) you remove to contact you regarding your complaint, such as an email address, physical address, or telephone number.

Section 2: Details of your complaint. For each video concerned, please identify:

  1. Video URL
  2. The exact statements in the video or metadata that you allege are defamatory. Statements such as "the whole video" are invalid.

Section 3: Legal Affirmations

  1. You must agree to and include the following statement:

    "I declare that the information in this notice is true and complete."

  2. Your signature

    Complete complaints require the physical or electronic signature of the trademark owner or a representative authorized to act on their behalf. To satisfy this requirement, you may enter your full legal name to act as your signature at the bottom of your complaint.

The uploader will be notified of this complaint. Be sure to specify if you don't want wish to disclose your legal name and email alias to the uploader.

You may get in touch with us via email, postal mail, or fax, being sure to include the requirements above.

Data will be stored in accordance with Google's privacy policy.

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