Add cards to videos

You can use cards to add interactivity to your videos. Cards can point viewers to a specific URL (from a list of eligible sites) and show customized images, titles, and calls to action, depending on the card type.

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Feature availability

This feature is available to viewers on computers. This feature is not available on Adobe Flash.

Add cards to a video

Note: This feature isn’t available in YouTube Studio beta yet. If you’re in YouTube Studio beta (, select Creator Studio Classic in the left menu to follow these steps.
Add cards to a video

You can add up to 5 cards to one video.

  1. On a computer signed into your account, go to your Video Manager.
  2. Find the video you want to add cards to and select Edit.
  3. In the tab bar at the top, select Cards.
  4. Select Add card and choose what type of card you want. Channel cards

    Link to a channel that you'd like to call out to your viewers. For example, you can use this type of card to thank the channel for their contribution to your video or for a general recommendation.

    Link cards
    Access to creator features
    Note that, in general, your channel needs to be in the YouTube Partner Program in order to access certain features, such as end screens and cards that link to associated websites, crowdfunding, or merchandise sites.
    Channels that are no longer eligible for the YouTube Partner Program based on criteria that launched on February 20, 2018, will continue to have access to these features as we develop new eligibility criteria. Get more information in our YPP FAQs

    Associated website cards

    Link directly to your associated website from your video. You need to add an associated website to your account to use this card.

    Crowdfunding cards

    Link viewers directly to your creative projects on one of these approved crowdfunding URLs.

    Merchandise cards

    Promote licensed merchandise directly from your video. Make sure your URL is on the list of approved retailer URLs.

    Poll cards

    Engage with your viewers by presenting them with a poll and let them vote on different options. Learn how to use cards to poll your viewers.

    Video or playlist cards

    Link to another public YouTube video or playlist that viewers might be interested in. You can also link to a specific time in a video or to an individual video in a playlist by entering a video or playlist URL directly.

  5. Next to the type of card you want to add, select Create.
  6. If you haven't done so previously, for some link types select Enable first to accept the Terms & Conditions.
  7. Enter the URL where you want viewers to be sent from the card.
  8. Upload an image or select one of the suggestions from the site if applicable. Uploads need to be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format and no larger than 5MB. Keep in mind that this image will be cropped to be square.
  9. If applicable, edit the title, call to action, and any other text (up to 30 characters). You can adjust the start time for the card teaser in the timeline below the video.
  10. Select Create card.

If you need to edit your cards in the future, just go to the Cards tab and select Edit next to the card you want to change.

Check card performance

You can use the Cards Report in YouTube Analytics to get performance reporting for cards.

How viewers interact with cards

Cards are designed to complement videos and enhance the viewer experience with contextually relevant information. As the system evolves, we plan to optimize it to surface the most relevant teasers and cards based on performance, viewer behavior and the device they are using.

How viewers get to cards

  • When a viewer is watching your video, they'll see a teaser for the time that you designate.
  • When the teaser isn't showing, viewers can hover over the player on desktop or whenever the player controls are showing on mobile and see the card icon .
  • When they click the teaser or the icon, they'll be able to browse all of the cards on the video.

How cards show on videos

Cards are shown on the right-hand side of the video on desktop and below the video on mobile. If there are multiple cards on a video, viewers can scroll through them while the video is playing.

How cards can change your content

  • If your video has been claimed by Content ID and the content owner has set up a campaign, any cards set up by the creator won't be displayed on the video. Learn more about Content ID.
  • Videos displaying cards will not show a Call-to-Action overlay.
Get pro tips on how cards can help viewers discover more of your content.
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