Add cards to videos

You can use cards to make your videos more interactive. Cards can feature a video, playlist, channel, or link. Cards aren’t available on videos set as made for kids.

Add cards to a video

To add cards to a video, follow the steps below. Up to a total of 5 cards can be added to one video.

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Videos.
  3. Click the video you’d like to edit.
  4. Click the Cards box and select the type of card you want to add.
  5. Choose your specific video, playlist, channel, or link.
  6. Change the start time for the card below the video.
  7. Add an optional message and teaser text about the video. Note: Message and teaser text are required for channel cards.
  8. Click Save.

Types of cards

Here are the different types of cards that you can use to customize your video. You can also use YouTube Analytics to get performance reporting for cards.

Video cards

Link to another public YouTube video that viewers might be interested in. You can choose to link to a specific time in a video.

Playlist cards

Link to another public YouTube playlist that viewers might be interested in. You can choose to link to a specific time in a video.

Channel cards

Link to a channel that you'd like to call out to your viewers. For example, you could use a card to thank a channel that helped with your video. You could also use a channel card to recommend another channel to viewers.
Link cards

Associated website cards

Link viewers directly to your associated website from your video.

Crowdfunding cards

Link viewers directly to your creative projects on one of these approved crowdfunding URLs.

Merchandise cards

Promote licensed merchandise directly from your video. Make sure your URL is on the list of approved retailer URLs.

Note: Your channel needs to be in the YouTube Partner Program to access cards that link to associated websites, crowdfunding, or merchandise sites.

How viewers can interact with cards 

Cards are designed to complement videos and enhance the viewer experience with relevant info. As the system evolves, we plan to improve it to show the most relevant teasers and cards based on performance, viewer behavior, and the device they're using.

How viewers get to cards

  • When a viewer is watching your video, they'll see a teaser for the time that you designate.
  • When the teaser isn't showing, viewers can hover over the player and click the card icon . On mobile, viewers can see the card icon whenever the player controls are showing.
  • When they click the teaser or the icon, they can browse cards on the video.

How cards can change your content

How cards show on videos

Cards are shown on the right-hand side of the video on a computer. Cards are shown below the video on mobile. If there are multiple cards on a video, viewers can scroll through them while the video is playing.

Who can see cards?

This feature is available to viewers on computers. This feature is not available on Adobe Flash.
Get pro tips on how cards can help viewers discover more of your content.
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