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Reporting Quiz

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

Let's go through a few use cases to see how much you've learned up to this point.

How much did video X earn in September?

  • The Monthly Performance Report is the best source of information related to revenue, and includes all revenue information split out by ad format. While YouTube Analytics reports on revenue, those numbers are an estimate and may be subject to reporting delays.

How did video X perform last week?

  • The Weekly Performance Report is the best source for most up-to-date performance, but does not include revenue information. To view estimated earnings, please check out YouTube Analytics.

Where’s the best place to see all of my policies in one place?

  • The best place to see all of your policies is in the Asset Full Report.


  Pro Tips
  • Include an asset label with asset deliveries that group content in an intuitive way (e.g. same label for a TV show with the TV show name.) You can search by asset label in Content ID, so this will make locating content easier.

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