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The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

A common task in your To Dos queue that you’ll have to address is Disputed Claims. Users may file disputes against Content ID matches (by asserting that it’s public domain, original content, etc.). You may find that these disputes grow quickly, so a good tip is to sort disputes by lifetime views instead of default expiration date to help prioritize workload.

You can take the following actions with regards to Disputed Claims:

  • Release claim: pending claim becomes inactive claim → can’t apply policy
  • Reinstate claim: pending claim becomes active claim → policy applies
  • Release and Exclude: release claim and never generate claims like this excluded portion again
  • Reinstate and Takedown: assert legal rights over content and issue a legal takedown notice
    • Please remember that takedowns result in a strike for the channel. (3 strikes and the channel is suspended)
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