View or delete search history

If you're trying to find a particular video you have searched for in the past, search history may help. Your YouTube search history lets you view your previous search queries on YouTube. Your YouTube and Google search history also influence the recommendations that you see on your Home.

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Note: You can access your search history within the YouTube app via the instructions below. Your search history is also saved in your Google Account if Videos you search for on YouTube is turned on. To view and control your saved activity, visit My Activity .

You're in control — you can clear your entire search history, remove individual search entries from search suggestions, or pause your search history.

  • Search entries you delete will no longer influence your recommendations.
  • After clearing your search history, your past searches will no longer show as suggestions in the search box.
  • Search queries you enter while your search history is paused will not be saved in your search history. 

Keep in mind that any searches you make while logged in to your account will appear in your account's search history across devices.

Note: To view or delete what you've previously watched on YouTube, check out your watch history.

TV, game console, or media streaming box

  1. Select the Search icon
  2. Select Clear search history
Note: Not all search history features are available in signed-out mode. Please sign in to your account to access all of search history.

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