Save playlists to Library

It's easy to add playlists that you've created, playlists that other Creators have made, and videos you've added to Watch Later to Library. Adding playlists to Library allows you to easily find and view them later. 

If you own a playlist, you can publicly add it to Library so that your viewers can add it to their Library.  You can update your privacy settings to remove your playlists from view. By doing this, you'll still be able to see saved playlists in your own channel, but other viewers will not. 

If you aren't able to follow these instructions, you are likely using the old version of YouTube. If you're using a newer browser, update to the current version of YouTube.

Save playlists to your library

While watching a video

You can save a playlist while watching it.

  1. Go to a video that's part of a playlist.
  2. In the playlist box, click Save playlist .

Remove a playlist from your library

  1. Go to the playlist you'd like to remove.
  2. In the playlist box, click Remove .
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