YouTube Nonprofit Program overview

The YouTube for Nonprofit Program gives nonprofits access to unique YouTube features to help connect with supporters, volunteers, and donors.

For many causes, video is a new but essential format for storytelling. With one billion viewers on YouTube every month, nonprofits of all sizes can use YouTube videos to share their stories with a global audience. You can take a look at all the resources on the YouTube Nonprofit Program website.

Program requirements

To see if your nonprofit is eligible to participate in the YouTube for Nonprofit Program, review the Google Nonprofits eligibility guidelines.

Program features

As a YouTube Nonprofit Program partner, you have access to these features specifically designed for partners:

Use donation cards on videos

U.S. nonprofit organization can raise funds by putting donation cards on their YouTube videos and using the donation card outreach toolkit to rally supporters and partner with creators.

Link directly to your site from your videos

Link Anywhere cards

You can direct your viewers to your external campaign landing pages with Link Anywhere cards, a special card type that lets you to link to any external URL. Learn how to set up Link Anywhere cards on your videos.

Call-to-action overlays

You can create overlays for your videos, which appear as soon as the video begins to play. When users click on the overlay, they're directed to your external website or other website that you choose.

Learn how to place a call-to-action overlay on your video so that viewers can click to visit your website or donate to your organization.

Optimize your content 

Use our resources to optimize your nonprofit content, channel, and other nonprofit-specific features:

Use our production resources

You can get production access to shoot or edit your videos at YouTube's creator studio in Los Angeles or New York. Just go to the website for Space LA or Space NY and click the Apply now button.

Dedicated technical support

We're here to support YouTube Nonprofit Program partners with any issues setting up your nonprofit channel on YouTube. Learn how to contact us

Make sure to check out the variety of channel features for YouTube creators available to all YouTube Nonprofit Program creators.
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