Get music from the Audio Library

You can use the YouTube Audio Library to get free music and sound effects and ad-supported music to use in your videos.

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Use free music & sound effects

You can download and use some of our high-quality 320kbps audio tracks and sound effects royalty-free.

  1. Go to Creator Studio > Create > Audio Library.
  2. Use the tabs at the top of the page to choose "Free music" or "Sound effects." The bars next to the songs show how popular a track is.
  3. When you've found a track you like, click the arrow to download it.
  4. For easy access in the future, select the star to add the track to your Favorites.

Free music attribution & monetization

  • Attributing your video: If you see an attribution-required icon next to a track, make sure to credit the original artist in your video description. Learn more about attribution on the Creative Commons website.
  • Monetizing your video: You can monetize your video since free music isn't claimed through Content ID. If you're prompted to show that you have commercial use rights to the music, just make sure to include the music's exact title and that you downloaded it from the YouTube Audio Library. Learn more about supplying documentation to claim rights.
Use ad-supported music

You can use music that copyright owners (like record labels) manage through Content ID.

Note: If you upload music listed in the Ad-supported tab, you won't be able to monetize your video.

Before you use any ad-supported music, check the copyright owner's policy:

  1. Go to Creator Studio > Create > Audio Library.
  2. Select the Ad-supported music tab.
  3. Search for the music you want to use.
  4. Select the title of the music you want to use. You'll see the copyright owner's policy for videos that include it.

Working with copyright policies

Copyright owners decide how they want their music to be used on YouTube, so their copyright policy will affect how your video is viewed on YouTube:

  • Monetize: Ads will appear on your video. In some cases, you may be able to share revenue with the copyright owner.
  • Block worldwide: One or more copyright owners don't allow the use of this music. If you use this music, your video will be unavailable on YouTube.
  • Block in some countries: One or more copyright owners has restricted the countries in which this music is available. If you use this music, your video won't be viewable where the music is blocked.

Note: Copyright owners can change their policies and issue copyright takedown notices under certain circumstances. If you use ad-supported music, your video's status could change in the future (and may even be removed from YouTube) if the copyright owner changes the music's policy. Learn more about Content ID claims.

Note: Policies displayed in the Audio Library describe only what will happen to your video if you publish it on YouTube. YouTube cannot give you information about legal liability or other issues that can occur off the platform. You may wish to consult a qualified attorney if you have questions about your use of music.

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