Get music from the Audio Library

You can use the YouTube Audio Library to get royalty-free production music to use in your videos.

YouTube Audio Library songs are copyright-safe. The Audio Library is found exclusively in YouTube Studio.

Open the Audio Library

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Audio Library.

Search and explore songs

Use the filters  and search bar to search and browse new music for your videos.

You can search by track title, artist, or keyword to find a certain track. You can also use filters to find music by the track title, genre, mood, artist name, or duration (length in seconds).

Refine search results by tapping the filter  next to the artist, genre, or mood of individual songs. Results can be sorted if you click on the date added, length, artists or song title column.

New releases are added to the Audio Library twice a month.

Note: Tracks available in the YouTube Studio Audio Library do not require attribution. To see tracks that require attribution, click Audio Library Classic and then Free music.

Find sound effects

In the top right corner of the Audio Library, click Audio Library Classic to find sound effects to add to your video. Currently, sound effects are only available through this link to the classic Audio Library. In the future, sound effects will be built into the Audio Library in YouTube Studio.

Play and download songs

To sample a track, click Play . If you like what you hear, click Download  to get a high-quality 320 kbps MP3 file.

The song will continue to play as you browse around the Audio Library. You can pause, seek, and play the previous or next song using controls on the audio player.

Clicking another track in the Audio Library will play that song in the audio player.

Monetize your video

If you're eligible for monetization (such as by being in the YouTube Partners Program), you can monetize videos with music from the YouTube Audio library. Copyright-safe songs downloaded from the Audio Library in YouTube Studio won’t be claimed by a rights holder via Content ID.

Note: Only songs from the official YouTube Audio Library are known to YouTube to be copyright-safe. YouTube is not responsible for issues that arise from “royalty-free” music from YouTube channels or other music libraries. YouTube can’t give legal guidance, including regarding issues with music that can occur off the platform. If you have questions about your use of music, you may wish to consult a qualified lawyer.

 Learn more about supplying documentation to claim rights.

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