What is a claim?

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content Manager.

A claim links a video to a particular asset and its ownership information, allowing the asset owner(s) to set a policy (monetize, track, block) on the video.

A claim asserts ownership of a video's content. Abusive or fraudulent claims may result in penalties including legal liability and termination of partnership. See Clean up incorrect claims for tips about avoiding over-claiming and removing mistaken claims.

Broadly speaking, there are two sources for videos:

  • Partner-uploaded content is videos that you upload to a YouTube channel that you own. You claim the video as you upload it, and apply a usage policy to it. Claiming partner-uploaded content enables monetization options, Content ID matching, and reporting.

  • User-generated content (also known as UGC) is videos that other people upload to their channels. When the video contains content that you own (as determined by a Content ID match or a manual claim), you claim the video and apply a match policy to it. The match policy determines where and how the video is available on YouTube.

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