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Frequently asked questions about paid channels

As of 19 September 2017, you can no longer able to create paid content on YouTube. All your existing paid channels or videos will continue to be shown until 1 January 2018, when they'll be made private. Individual videos purchased (not rented) will be accessible to purchasers until 1 January 2023 as per purchase terms. Learn more about your options for managing paid content.

Subscription offers

How do I set the suggested retail price of my paid channel?
The price of your paid channel is a component of a subscription offer. You create and manage offers on the Paid Subscriptions page in your Channel Settings.
Can I edit an offer?
If you want to change an offer you need to disable the current offer and create a new offer with the same territory and billing frequency to replace it.
What happens when I disable an offer?
Disabling an offer makes it unavailable to new subscribers. However, existing subscribers continue with the terms of the offer that they subscribed to.
What happens when I delete an offer?
Deleting an offer unsubscribes all users currently subscribed to the offer (they still have access to the channel until the end of their current billing period) and makes the offer unavailable for new subscribers.
How can I tell which videos are paid or free in my channel?
Paid videos are badged with a $. Free videos are badged with the word “FREE”. Make sure that you correctly specify whether each video requires a paid subscription or not.
Why is a video that's supposed to be paid available for free?
Make sure that you claimed the video and selected the Require paid subscription to view tick box.

Channel setup

I don’t have the option to make my channel a paid channel.
Not all partners are eligible to create a paid channel. Please review the paid channel eligibility requirements to see if you are eligible.
What are the steps to publicly launch my new paid channel?
  1. Create a channel
  2. Upload private videos to the channel
  3. Curate and programme your channel
  4. Create subscription offers

It is important to not create subscription offers until your channel is ready to go live. Once your channel has subscription offers it will be eligible to appear in and be available for purchase.

Can I convert my existing free channel to a paid channel?
Yes. However, converting a free channel to a paid channel will automatically unsubscribe all existing subscribers. These subscribers will then have to pay to re-subscribe to your channel.
What happens when an existing free channel is packaged with a paid channel?
When you package a free channel with a paid channel we will ask if you want to keep the free channel free or convert it to a paid channel. If you keep the channel free then the channel will be available ads-free to subscribers of the paid channel package. Non-paying users can still subscribe to the free channel but will see ads on the videos.
What do I do if I have videos on my existing free channel that I want to offer on my paid channel? Do I have to reupload?
You do not have to reupload. Instead, you can make a playlist of videos from the free channel and feature that playlist as a section on your paid channel.
What should I do if not all of the videos in my channel are available in every country where I am selling my channel?
In general, all videos on a particular paid channel should be available in the country of sale in order to ensure that users have clarity about what they are buying. If you cannot make all videos on a channel available to every user (due to rights issues, etc), then you should create a separate channel for each territory with channel metadata in that territory’s language. You can then use the packaging feature to stitch together country-specific offerings so that you don’t have to upload the videos to each channel.


How do ads on my paid channel work?
Partners have the option to supplement their subscription revenue with ad revenue. Video ad enablement works the same way for paid and free channels. = However, make sure that your subscription offer has ads enabled. A subscription offer with ads disabled will override any video-level ad settings. On the other hand, a subscription offer with ads enabled still requires each video to have the proper ad settings enabled.
Why won’t ads appear on videos in my paid channel?
Make sure that the video is enabled with the proper ad formats and that your subscription offer is enabled to show ads.

Payments and reports

Where can I see how much money I earned from my paid channel?
Paid channel revenue reports are accessible via the Paid Subscriptions page in your Channel Settings. Paid channel revenue does not appear in YouTube Analytics at this time.
How come I don't see any reports in the Subscription Reports area on my Paid Subscriptions page?
You have not earned any subscription revenue yet, probably because all of your subscribers are still in their two-week free trial. Your subscribers will be charged when their free trial ends and then you will see subscription reports detailing your revenue.
Will my paid channel payments be separate from the AdSense payments I receive for my other channel?
No. You receive a single AdSense payment that includes your paid channel revenue and any advertising revenue that you earn from your other channels.

General questions

How can I promote my paid channel on my existing free channel?
You can use channel curation or featured channels to promote your paid channel on your existing free channel.
Will subscriber counts be public for paid channels?
You have the ability to enable or disable subscriber counts in your channel settings. The subscriber counts are hidden for paid channels by default.
How can I communicate with our paid subscribers?
There are several ways to communicate with your subscribers. Check out the top fans feature or use the channel feed to share your activity or post a bulletin.
Do we email customers every time they are charged?
We send emails to users when they start their free trial and when their free trial ends. We do not email subscribers each month if they subscribed to a monthly offer. We do email subscribers each year if they subscribed to a yearly offer.
Can I have live events in my paid channel?
Yes, as long as your account is eligible and enabled for live streaming. Just as with any video, you must claim the live event in order to make it paid.
If I already have a subscription service can my existing customers authenticate to my paid channel?
We don’t support authentication at this time.
Can I embed paid content on other sites?
Yes. Subscribers who go to the site with the embedded video will be able to watch if they are logged in to their YouTube account (because their login credentials follow them). If they are not logged in we’ll offer them a link to go to YouTube to log in. If they are logged in but not a subscriber we show them the “Subscribe to watch this video” overlay.
What happens when a user who is subscribed to a single channel in a packaged set of channels subscribes to the packaged channels?
If a user subscribes to a single channel, then subscribes to a packaged set of channels, we automatically cancel their subscription to the single channel in order to avoid charging them twice for the same content.
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