Monetizing eligible cover videos

Creators participating in the YouTube Partner Program can share revenue from eligible cover song videos on YouTube, once music publisher owners claim those videos. You'll be paid revenue for these videos on a pro rata basis.

How to figure out if your cover song video is eligible for monetization

You'll know you can share revenue for your cover song video when the Videos page in YouTube Studio shows that your video has the following:

  • Copyright claim in the Restrictions Column
  • Video’s monetization status is set to  Off
  • Hover text that says the video is eligible to share the ad revenue
Note: You should also see this info in the Video Copyright Info page and the claim notification email sent to you.

This message will appear for videos claimed and monetized through the Content ID system by the music publisher(s) who own(s) the copyright in the musical composition performed. Note that both new uploads and prior uploads may be eligible.

Some songs have not been enabled for this feature by their copyright owner or owners, so this message may not appear for certain claimed cover videos. Other circumstances where videos are not eligible for this revenue share opportunity include:

  • Videos that contain a commercial sound recording, such as an instrumental or karaoke recording
  • Videos of live concert performances

How to turn on revenue sharing for your cover song video

  1. Turn on monetization for your account, if you have not already done so. Visit the Monetization tab in your account settings.
  2. Find the eligible cover song video in your Videos page.
  3. Switch the monetization status to On.
  4. You can also go to the monetization details of the video and switch monetization from Off to On.
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