Different YouTube app versions on TV

The YouTube TV experience is an optimized version of YouTube that makes it easy to find and watch high-quality YouTube videos on your television. Learn more about YouTube on TV.


YouTube is available on many different television devices, including Smart TVs, media streaming boxes, and Google TV devices.

Your experience watching YouTube on TV will differ based on the YouTube app that's running on your Smart TV or media streaming device. To figure out which YouTube app you're using, check out the images below to see which app resembles your experience.

YouTube TV on newer devices
The latest versions of the YouTube TV app are on 2013 and select 2012 models:

YouTube TV on older devices
If your TV model is 2012 or older, you likely have the older version of the YouTube TV app:

YouTube on Google TV
You can learn more about the Google TV YouTube app in the Google TV help center.

Other YouTube app
If your app doesn't match any of the examples above, you're likely using a third party app that may not have been developed by YouTube. For further support, please contact your device manufacturer.

Other YouTube app
For more information about the YouTube TV experience, visit youtube.com/yt/devices.

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