Switch between channels on a Google Account


With YouTube channels connected to Google+ pages, you can manage multiple channels (up to 50) from one Google Account. However, you can only use one channel at a time. Here's how to select the channel you want to manage:

On a computer
  1. Click your channel icon in the top right corner of YouTube. You'll see a list of the Google+ pages that you manage, as well as your personal Google identity. If you have over ten channels, you can choose View all to see all of your pages and channels at once.
  2. Click the account you want to use. If you a choose a page that doesn't have a channel, you'll see the option to create a channel for the page.

You'll also see a similar list of choices when you sign in. You can always check the name and avatar in the top right corner to confirm which channel you’re using.

On m.youtube.com

When you sign in from a mobile browser, you’ll see a prompt to choose which channel to use. To switch to a different channel:

  1. Touch the Guide icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Touch the current channel name at the top of the sidebar that appears.
  3. The Use YouTube as menu will open and you can select a different channel from the list.
On YouTube mobile apps (iOS, Android)

When you sign in to the YouTube app on iOS or Android, you’ll see a prompt to choose which channel to use. To switch to a different channel that you own or manage, you’ll need to sign out and sign back in.

I have a channel linked to a Google+ page, but it doesn't show in the list! This means that the Google Account you're currently signed into is not listed as a manager of that channel's +page. You'll need to add your Google Account as a manager of the channel's connected Google+ page.

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