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Paid channels will be going away on January 1, 2018. You'll no longer be charged for any existing subscriptions starting December 1, 2017. Learn more about discontinuing paid content

Subscribe to a paid channel to watch all the videos in that channel for a single monthly or annual fee. Paid channels represent just one way for video creators to make their content available on YouTube. YouTube won’t start charging for all of the videos you can currently enjoy at no cost.

For help setting up your own paid channel, visit the partner Help Center.
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Free trial

Most paid channels include a free trial for first time subscribers. The length of the free trial is shown above the Start free trial button. In addition to a free trial, paid channels often include some free preview videos, so you can test drive a channel before you pay.

Cancel any time during the free trial and you won't be charged, but you can continue watching all the videos in the channel until the end of the trial period.

Channel may include ads

Watch videos without ads

Some paid channels will show ads on their videos, and some won’t. In some cases you’ll be able to pay to watch videos from a free channel without ads. See whether a channel will show ads by checking the subscription details above the Start free trial button. A channel will always clearly display whether it will show ads, so you know what you’re signing up for.

Channel included in a package

Get updates from your favorite channels

Some subscriptions include access to multiple channels for a single monthly or annual price. If a channel is available individually or as part of a larger subscription, you’ll see all purchase options on the channel page, so you can purchase whichever subscription you like best.

Don’t worry: if you subscribe to a channel that includes access to another channel that you’re already paying for, we’ll automatically cancel the individual channel subscription at the end of the billing period. That way you won’t be charged twice.
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