Associated Website Annotations

Associated Website annotations provide creators a way to link to their associated websites directly from their videos. To enable Associated Website Annotations please make sure that your account fulfills these requirements:

Create an Associated Website Annotation

Associate a website to your YouTube Account

To create an Associated Website annotation, first you need to complete these steps:

  1. Make sure your account is verified and in good standing before adding an associated website. You can verify your account in
  2. Add your website as an associate website in the Search Console. This will allow you to confirm that you own the site before you link it to your YouTube account.
  3. Include this website as the “Associated Website” in your YouTube account. Visit your Advanced Channel Settings and add the information in the "Associated website" section.

Once you have associated your main webpage to your YouTube account, you can associate more websites through the Search Console. You will be able to link your annotations to any of these domains. Learn more about adding more associated websites to your Google Account.

Add an Associated Website annotation

Now, you can enable Associated Website annotations and add them in your videos. Here is how:

  1. From your Video Manager, click the down arrow next to the "Edit" button of the video you want to change, then click Annotations.
  2. If this is the first time you're using external annotations, at the top of the menu you'll see a banner that says “Enable your account for external annotation links.” Click the Enable button and accept the Terms and Conditions.

    Associated Website Annotations

  3. Once you’ve accepted the Terms and Conditions, click the Add annotation button to create a new annotation, or select an existing annotation. Select the "Link" checkbox to add a URL, then select the category Associated Website.

    Associated Website Annotations Menu

  4. When you’ve placed your associated website link and have finished editing your annotation, select Save and/or Publish.

When both sides have finished this process, you will see "Success" on the associated website tab of the account settings page.

Please note that video playback stops when a viewer clicks an annotation in your video, which can impact your watch time metrics.

Links to Associated Websites must not be used to redirect to unauthorized sites and must comply with our Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and other policies for this feature. Violations can result in your videos being removed, strikes against your account, and/or termination of your YouTube account. You can find more information on YouTube’s policies.

Associated Website annotations FAQ

My associated website appears as pending; what can I do?
Search Console need to verify that you own the website you’d like to associate with your YouTube channel and this might take some time. Verification is required to prevent spam, as well as mis-representation of brands or other entities. To resolve a pending associated website, contact your webmaster or someone at your company who has access the Google Search Console for your site. Find more information in this article on Associates in Search Console.
Is it possible to associate more than one website?

To enable Associated Website Annotations you first need to associate one website to your account. After associating a website once to enable this feature in annotations, you can add more associated websites via Search Console. You will be able to link to these sites, annotations will just look at Search Console to see if the domain is allowed.

If you have problems adding associates in the Search Console, check these Webmaster help resources.

Why am I getting “Please enter a valid URL” when I enter the associated website?
You need to extra double triple check that the URL you are pasting is an actual URL (including “http://” or “https://” in the link field), and that you have ownership over this URL in the Search Console.
Annotation link to Associated Websites is missing
The link to your Associated Website can be missing for different reasons. It might be that your channel is no longer eligible for this type of annotations. Please recheck the eligibility criteria above.


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