Auto-generated topic channels

You may see general channels of trending and popular videos that are auto-generated by YouTube. Just like user channels, you can subscribe to these channels and stay updated on new videos.

The 'About' sections of these channels will note that they are auto-generated by YouTube. They'll also have 'topic' in their title, such as 'Surfing – Topic'. Topic channels about video games, such as Minecraft, look a little different. These game pages will say 'Auto-generated by YouTube' right under the title. 

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Common questions about topic channels

How does YouTube determine when to create an auto-generated channel?

An auto-generated channel is created when we identify a topic to have a significant presence on the site. If a topic doesn't have an auto-generated channel, it may be because:

  • There are only a few videos on the topic.
  • There aren't many views for videos on this topic.
  • The videos on the topic don't meet YouTube's quality threshold.
How does YouTube auto-generate channels?

Using algorithms, YouTube figures out the central topics in a video and then uses that information to develop collections of videos for any topic of interest. These channels don't convey any editorial opinion on the part of YouTube.

How do I get my channels or videos to show up in an auto-generated channel?

You don't need to do anything except follow the normal best practices for discovery of a video: have a really good title and description. Learn more about making your channel and content more discoverable in the Creator Academy.

Remember to focus on quality of tags rather than the quantity. And, as always, don't try to mislead viewers – that's a violation of YouTube's Community Guidelines.

If your gaming video appears on the wrong topic channel, check its title, description and category. In YouTube Studio, make sure that the 'Gaming' category is selected and that you've chosen the right game.

How does this page differ from a search results page?

An auto-generated channel presents a collection of videos about a single topic. When the same term can have multiple interpretations ('Chicago' = city; musical; movie; musical band), the auto-generated channel reflects one interpretation of that term. The term might have multiple channels. Auto-generated channels also provide:

  • The ability to subscribe and get regular updates about this topic in your YouTube feed.
  • A way to find other channels related to this topic.
  • More context about this topic from Wikipedia or other sources in the 'About' section.
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