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Create video rental or purchase offers

As of September 19, 2017, you can no longer create paid content on YouTube. All your existing paid channels or videos will continue to show until January 1, 2018, and then they'll be made private. Individual videos purchased (not rented) will be accessible to purchasers until January 1, 2023 per purchase terms. Learn more about your options for managing paid content.

To rent or buy a paid video, a user chooses an offer. The offer determines the terms of the rental or purchase: how much it costs, how long the rental period is, and which country it is available in. You must define one or more offers before users can rent or buy the paid video.

You can't change a paid video back to a free video after someone purchases it or when someone is actively renting it.

To create a rental or purchase offer:

  1. Create the paid video by clicking the Require purchase or rental to view check box.

    If you haven’t yet enabled paid content, you’ll need to complete that action first.

  2. Click Create offer.

    Create a rental offer dialog box

  3. Select the Country in which this offer is valid.

    To make offers available in multiple countries, you must create the offer separately for each country.

  4. Specify whether you're offering the video for Rental or Purchase.

    Offering your video for purchase means that buyers have perpetual access to view it. You must keep this video available to those who have purchased it. However, you can always make the video unavailable for new purchases by deleting the offers on it.
  5. For rental videos, choose the Rental duration.

    You can offer rentals for 48 hours or 72 hours.

  6. Set the Suggested retail price for the offer.

    The purchase price will be determined based on the suggested retail price. Google reserves the right to set the retail price.

    The available prices are in the currency of the selected country. The retail price must meet the requirements for that country.

    Valid retails prices by country
    Country Valid retail prices
    United States $0.49 to $299.99, ending in .49 or .99
    Australia $0.49 to $399.99, ending in .49 or .99
    Argentina $9.90 to $2999.90, ending in 9.90
    Brazil R$0.90 to R$700.90, ending in .90
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 BAM to 500 BAM
    Canada $0.49 to $299.99, ending in .49 or .99
    EUR countries
    (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece,
    Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal,
    Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain)
    €0.49 to €299.99, ending in .49 or .99
    Hong Kong HK$8 to HK$8888, ending in 8
    Hungary 100 HUF to 8000 HUF
    India ₹5 to ₹20000, in multiples of 5
    Japan ¥100 to ¥30000, in multiples of 100
    Macedonia 40 MKD to 14000 MKD
    Mexico $9 to $3999, ending in 9
    New Zealand $0.95 to $399.95, ending in .95
    Philippines ₱10 to ₱20,000, in multiples of 10
    Poland zł5.00 to zł999.00, ending in 5 or 9
    Russia 19 RUB to 9999 RUB
    (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
    9 kr. to 1999 kr., ending in 9
    Senegal 10 CFA to 200000 CFA, in multiples of 10
    South Korea ₩100 to ₩350000, in multiples of 100
    Switzerland CHF .90 to CHF 299.90, ending in .90
    Taiwan $9 to $9,999, ending in 0 or 9
    Uganda UGX 1,000 to UGX 8,000, ending in 000 or 500
    Ukraine 5 UAH to 4000 UAH
    United Kingdom £0.49 to £199.99 , ending in .49 or .99
  7. Click Create offer.

    The new offer appears as an active offer on the video's Monetization page.

    Any private video will be made public when you create the offer.
  8. Repeat steps 2 through 7 to create additional offers for this video.

    You can create up to two offers for each country, one Rental offer and one Purchase offer.

  9. Add a promotional trailer for the video (optional).

    We recommend adding a trailer to attract viewers and provide a free preview of your paid video. Click Select trailer on the Monetization page and select the trailer video. If the trailer is a private video, identify it by entering its URL at the bottom of the dialog box.

Note that you can’t change the terms of an offer once you have created it. If you want to raise or lower the price, you need to delete the existing offer and create a new one with the new terms. New offers may take up to an hour to appear on your video.

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