Basic YouTube Rental Partner information

Rentals is a feature that is not currently available to all partners.

As a YouTube partner, you may be able to monetize your videos as rentals. Potential viewers can pay to watch your video, ad-free, for a designated time period, and you may earn revenue from your rental videos on a revenue sharing basis via your Google AdSense account.

YouTube Rentals qualification

Rentals are currently available to partners who are located in and have content viewable in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, France, Australia, Spain, and Germany.

Enable video monetization by rental

Once you've successfully uploaded a video to be used in the YouTube Rentals program, here's how to set your rental options:

  1. On your Video Manager page, click Edit next to the video you wish to rent.
  2. Click the Monetization or Claiming option tab, depending on your account setup. 
  3. On the Monetization tab, check the box next to "Monetize this video," and then click Rent this video. On the Claiming options tab, check the box next to "Claim this video," and then click Rent this video.
  4. Choose your preferred "Price per rental" from the dropdown.
  5. Choose your "Duration of rental" from the dropdown. (See below for more information about "Unlimited Duration.")
  6. If applicable, provide any additional information regarding ownership and publicity rights.
  7. If applicable, enter information about your video, including Title, Description, and Tags.
  8. Click Save Changes.
Rental settings always override ad settings on a video. So, if your video is enabled for both rentals and ads then the video will be available as an ads-free rental.

If you would like to select and upload another video file, click Upload Video and start the process again.

You can change your rental price and duration at any time by clicking Edit Rental Options in your account. You may also disable rental on the video altogether, after which you may have the option to make your video available for ad-supported monetization.


Setting videos to "Unlimited Duration"

Setting a video rental to "Unlimited Duration" means users will be able to access it on YouTube for an unlimited time. You will not have the option to remove the video or to deny access to video for users who have rented it. Please be sure you're willing to permanently give this video unlimited duration before making such a selection.

Where can YouTube videos be rented?

YouTube videos may be rented on, but at this time may not be enabled for mobile or TV syndication.

You may enable embedding for rentable videos if you wish to host your rentals on sites other than Embedding is disabled by default on rentals, but here's how to enable it:

  1. Select "My Uploaded Videos" from your Video Manager.
  2. Click the Edit Video Info button to the right of the video in question.
  3. Click the "Broadcasting and Sharing Options" section.
  4. Click the radio button next to "Yes, external sites may embed and play this video."
  5. Click the Update Video Info button at the bottom of the page.
You can change this option for your videos anytime you want. Learn more about embedded videos.

Uploading content

Uploading content from DVD to YouTube

Commercial software exists that will create unencrypted video files from DVDs for legitimate content owners. Performing a Google search should point you to these resources.

If uploading longer videos results in a smaller clip, it may be happening due to the chapter breaks in your DVD. You can find information on how to consolidate these multiple files into a single file for upload below.

Multiple files in my VIDEO_TS folder


For unencrypted DVDs:

If you're seeing multiple files within your DVD's VIDEO_TS folder, you'll need to stitch the VOB files together into one file to upload. First, determine exactly which VOB files you want to stitch together.

Windows users:
  1. Go to Start > Run > type "cmd" in Windows.
  2. Type "cd FOLDER NAME" to the folder containing the VOB files (using your folder's name).
  3. Type "copy /b vob1.vob + vob2.vob + vob3.vob outputFile.mpg" to combine vob1.vob, vob2.vob and vob3.vob into a single outputfile.mpg (replacing the above examples with your VOB's filenames).

Additionally, there is software that exists that turns an unencrypted DVD file into a single VOB file for both Mac and PC, which can be easily uploaded directly to YouTube. Performing a Google search should point you to these resources.

Rentals payment & reporting

YouTube Rentals earnings are processed by AdSense and can be tracked within your AdSense account. Payments for your rentals earnings are processed by AdSense, according to the AdSense payment timeline.


Reporting on all rental activity can be found in your CMS ‘Downloadable Reports.’ To access these reports, please

  1. Log in to your YouTube account.
  2. Navigate to the "Overview" section of your Account Settings page, and click the link for Partner Reports.
  3. Under 'YouTube Rentals Monthly Reports' and 'YouTube Rentals Weekly Reports,' you will find the 'Downloadable Reports' for your YouTube Rentals.


Vendors that can assist with encoding/post production

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