Super Thanks tips

Super Thanks allows you, as a creator, to connect with your audience while earning money. Viewers are often excited to connect more deeply with their favorite creators through fun, colorful interactions that highlight their comments.

Super Thanks

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If you are eligible for Super Thanks, it’s very easy to set up this feature for your channel. After which, viewers can see the Super Thanks button on all eligible videos and Shorts.

Viewers can find and purchase Super Thanks from the options below the video.

Things to keep in mind

Promote: Tell your audience about the Super Thanks feature and where to find it in your videos. Promotion helps show that you value receiving Super Thanks as a creator.

Connection: Viewers can turn into fans if they feel like they have the opportunity to form deeper connections with their favorite creators. Recognizing, appreciating, and celebrating viewers who support you can go a long way in building community. To engage viewers you can:

  • Text reply to their comment
  • Reply to their comment with a Short
  • Post in the Community Tab
  • Give an in-video shout out
  • Add a credit roll at the end of your videos
  • Use a pinned comment

#MM|走訪沙田瀝源邨創邨老店 熟食中心麵檔變身另類文青Cafe 47年歷史辦館飲自家浸梅酒 仲有得賒數、糴米?「沙田」真名係「瀝源」?|#旅遊止癮 #4K

The creators behind Mill MILK pay attention to and appreciate every Super Thanks comment. They noticed an increasing number of Super Thanks comments on their videos that focused on storytelling. They then started creating more videos telling unique stories of Hongkongers.

Transparency: Fans will be more excited to buy Super Thanks if they know what they are supporting. Consider directly telling your viewers whether the money is going to fund your editing staff, a new camera, more videos, or toward your daily expenses. Your audience will appreciate transparency and the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves.


Juca released an announcement video explaining Super Thanks, sharing its value proposition and a demo. He also shared how fan donations will support his content. He called out all of his audience, those who sent Super Thanks and those who continued to support him through views, likes and comments.

Set goals: You could use Super Thanks to set goals to raise funds for a specific project or piece of equipment. Sharing progress with viewers could help your audience get involved in your growth.

Now that you’ve given viewers a reason to support you, show results! Let fans know the benefits of their support by showing them upgraded gear or a new series they helped fund. You can even introduce or call out new staff you employed with their support. A quick shout-out saying “This series was made possible by…” makes them feel like valuable contributors to the channel!

We recommend

Make sure to take note of when you receive Super Thanks in YouTube Studio Analytics’ Revenue tab. Is there a particular series that fans applaud the most? Noticing trends in viewer appreciation can help show what kind of content you might like to focus on.

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