Find podcasts in YouTube Music

With YouTube Music, you can listen to podcasts you love. Learn how to browse and find podcasts in the YouTube Music app.

Note: Users in select countries/regions may encounter different product experiences.

Discover podcasts on the Home tab

Find new podcast recommendations and unfinished episodes on the Home tab . To filter your suggestions, tap Podcasts at the top of your Home screen.

Explore and discover new podcasts

The Explore tab  lets you find new podcasts to expand your library. View popular podcasts and episodes in your country/region, or browse by category, including:

  • Business
  • Comedy
  • Gaming
  • Health & Fitness
  • Music
  • Society & Culture
  • True Crime

Search for podcasts

You can also search for available shows and episodes. Filter for Podcasts or Episodes at the top of the search page to narrow down your results.

Browse the channel page

The channel page displays other podcasts and episodes from a specific creator. You can also browse show details, add a podcast to your library, or download episodes from the channel page.

To get to the channel page, click the channel name from a podcast episode.

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