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Being a creator isn’t like other jobs where you have weekends and fixed hours. It’s even more important as a creator to find balance between work and life and make time for yourself so you don’t burn out.

Tips for Creator Health & Well-being

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Managing your time

  • It can be helpful to have routines and treat each day like a workday (which means scheduling days off too.) For example, after you wake up in the morning, get dressed, plan to work for a certain set number of hours and then leave some to unwind.
  • Scheduling out your day can help. Consider getting a planner or online calendar and write out what you will do each day. Add a cut-off time for work and schedule non-work-related activities.
  • Some people find they can only concentrate on one task for a certain amount of time. If this sounds like you, plan your day out in chunks and take breaks in between.
  • Try batching similar tasks together. For example, set some time aside to reply to comments on one day, while the next is dedicated to thumbnail creation or filming. This can help you be more efficient (bonus: you only have to do hair and makeup once)

Creator Brooke Monk takes questions from her audience to create “Asking Girlfriend questions boys are too afraid to ask.” This is an example of content that can be batch produced. With this type of video, all you have to do is swap out your shirt and you can film a few in a single day. Batching can give you a month's worth of content or some backup videos if you miss a week.

Video performance anxiety

Video Performance Anxiety with Elle Mills | Creator Coffees

You have put in all this time and effort to create a video that you think is incredible. But maybe sometimes your viewers don’t always agree and respond the same way. You are not alone - many creators go through video performance anxiety.

  • You may be starting out or are an established creator - in either case, think about your entire creator journey instead of focusing on your last video.
  • Negative comments and a lack of views are just feedback. Take some time to think about what resulted in the lack of engagement or interest. And then reflect on how you can make changes in your content moving forward.

Take breaks

Creators Taking Vacations - Elle Mills | Creator Coffees

If you don’t post during vacation, will the algorithm punish you? YouTube's search and discovery system doesn’t intentionally penalize creators for taking breaks. The algorithm follows the audience, so pay attention to the audience and keep them updated.

  • You can share your holidays and travels with your audience, but put boundaries on what days you’re going to shoot and stick to this.
  • You can schedule videos to publish ahead of their release if you want to keep posting while you’re on vacation. Otherwise, consider telling your audience that you’re taking some time off and when you might be back.

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Check in with yourself often and be honest about how you are feeling. This will help you decide how best to take care of yourself.

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