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Navigation tips to explore YouTube content on your mobile device

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With YouTube’s chapter and seeking features, you can quickly and easily navigate the video you’re watching. Seeking is when you use the scrubber, the red dot in the progress bar, to change your place in the video.

Watch videos by chapter

You can navigate videos by selecting different chapters, if a creator has added them to their video. These chapters break up a video into different sections.

To go to a specific chapter:

  1. Click the video to open the progress bar. 
  2. Move the scrubber (red dot) to one of the different chapters. Chapters are marked by a vertical line in the progress bar. The chapter title will appear as you move from section to section. 
  3. Click play  to start the video from that chapter. 

You can also find chapters by scrolling down to the bottom of the video description.

Go to the most replayed parts of a video

When you start seeking, a graph shows up above the progress bar. The graph lets you find which parts of a video are most often rewatched. If the graph is high, then that part of the video has been replayed often.

The graph may not show above the progress bar for a video if:
  • The channel has any active strikes.
  • The content is potentially inappropriate.
  • Our systems deem it ineligible for other reasons, such as if the video is too new or has too few views.

Precise seeking

Precise seeking makes it easy to go to a specific moment in a video.

Use precise seeking to find a specific moment in a video ft. Lyanna Kea 📌 📺

To use precise seeking

  1. Click on the screen to see the progress bar appear on screen
  2. Drag the scrubber (the red dot) up
  3. You will see a row of thumbnails below the progress bar.

Choosing where to seek:

  1. Once you see the row of thumbnails, you can drag them or on the scrubber to adjust playback position.
  2. To start playing from the selected location, click on play button or anywhere above the thumbnails.
  3. To cancel the seek, click the X button.

Release to cancel a seek

While you’re seeking, you may decide you want to cancel this action and return to where you’d left off watching the video.

Learn about features that help you control your viewing experience on YouTube

To cancel seeking:

  1. Move the scrubber (the red dot) in the progress bar toward where you’d left off watching.
  2. Wait until you feel a vibration or see the “Release to cancel” notification.
  3. Lift your finger to go back to the place you’d left off in the video.
Note: This feature is only available for the YouTube app on your tablet or phone.

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