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The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.
When Content ID finds a video that matches your asset’s reference file, a claim is created. Use the Claimed videos page of Studio Content Manager beta to see videos with claims. This list shows you important info, like claim status, match length, and the type of policy applied.
Because some actions aren’t available in Studio Content Manager beta yet, switch back to Content Manager Classic to:
  • Make bulk changes to claimed videos.
  • Export a list of your claimed videos.

Find claimed videos

  1. Sign in to Studio Content Manager beta.
  2. From the left menu, click Claimed videos.
  3. Use the filters  at the top to refine your list or find specific claimed videos.
  4. Click a claimed video. You’ll see an overview of your claims, organized by status. You’ll also see tabs at the top of the page for the video’s History and Details.
  5. Click an individual claim for details or to edit the claim.
Studio Content Manager beta has new filters to help you manage claimed videos:
  • Number of my active claims helps you to find videos where you have more than one claim.
  • Latest claim created and Latest claim updated lets you filter by date.

Manage your claims

Use the steps above to open a claimed video in Studio Content Manager beta. You can take the following actions to manage your active claim.

  • Release a claim: Select RELEASE CLAIM to remove one or more claims from the video.
  • Submit a takedown request: Click TAKEDOWN VIDEO to submit a legal request for YouTube to remove the video.
  • Change the claim policy: Click POLICY and then Set claim specific policy.

Learn how to manage potential claims as well as disputed or appealed claims.


How are claims different in Studio Content Manager beta?

Studio Content Manager beta groups claims by individual video to make it easier to see related info on one screen.
Also, grouping claims for the same video means your list of claims to review is shorter and easier to manage. It also allows you to action all claims on a video at once.

What’s the difference between “claims” and “claimed videos”?

A claim is the connection between your asset and a matched video. In Content Manager Classic, you could see a list of all of these individual connections on the Claims page. 
A claimed video is a video with one or more claims. Studio Content Manager beta groups claims by individual claimed videos. As a result, you can see all claims for a single video in one place and take action on all claims on a video at once. 

Why can’t I edit the syndication of my claimed video?

It’s no longer possible to change the syndication setting for videos uploaded by other channels. You can edit the syndication of your own videos on the Videos page. Learn how to change video distribution.
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