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YouTube Kids & YouTube supervised experiences: Viewing Options for Families

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You can decide what YouTube experience is best for your family. Use the chart below to learn the differences between a supervised account on YouTube and the YouTube Kids app.

For specific info on what features are turned off for supervised accounts, go to What is a supervised experience on YouTube?
  Supervised account on YouTube YouTube Kids
What is it?

A parent-managed version of regular YouTube with limited features and digital well-being protections. Comes with content settings for pre-teens and older.

Learn more about supervised experiences on YouTube.

A separate app that’s a safer and simpler experience for kids. Comes with tools for parents and caregivers to guide their viewing journey.

Learn more at youtube.com/kids.
Who is it for? Kids under 13 (or the relevant age in their country/region) whose parents decide they’re ready to explore YouTube with parent-selected content settings applied.

Kids whose parents want to handpick content for them to watch. Kids whose parents want to choose content for them to watch based on 3 age-based content settings:

  • Preschool (ages 4 and under)
  • Younger (ages 5–8)
  • Older (ages 9–12)
How much content is available for my child?

Includes more videos and music than our separate YouTube Kids app.

The amount of available content changes according to the content setting you choose (in order):

  • Explore
  • Explore more
  • Most of YouTube

Kids with the Explore more or Most of YouTube content setting can read video comments.

Includes a smaller selection of videos than a supervised account on YouTube.

The amount of available content changes according to the content setting you choose (in order):

  • Preschool (ages 4 and under)
  • Younger (ages 5–8)
  • Older (ages 9–12)
What’s different about each content setting?

Supervised accounts offer content settings that generally align with content ratings for viewers ages 9+, 13+, or most of YouTube. Doesn’t include age-restricted content.

Learn more about content settings for families using supervised experiences.

The YouTube Kids app offers content settings that align to different ages. Preschool aligns with ages 4 and under. Younger aligns with ages 5–8. Older aligns with ages 9–12. Parents can also define profiles for their kids’ viewing to handpick the videos they have access to.

Learn more about YouTube Kids content settings.
Can I decide exactly what videos my child sees?

You can select the content setting for your child’s Google Account, then YouTube does the work to appropriately filter out undesired videos.

Note: We do our best to filter out undesired videos, but our systems aren't perfect and make mistakes. Some videos may be unsuitable for kids. If you find something you believe is inappropriate for YouTube, you can report it.
You can handpick only the exact videos you want your kid to have access to. Learn more.
How can I set screen time limits for my child? Use the Google Family Link app to manage screen time limits for your child’s supervised devices. Use the YouTube Kids app to directly define screen time settings or use the Google Family Link app to manage screen time limits for your child.
Is a Google Account for my child required?

Yes. Learn how to create a Google Account for your child under 13 (or the relevant age in their country/region). You can manage your child’s Google Account with Family Link.

No, a Google Account isn’t required.

To learn more about creating a supervised account on YouTube, go to Get started with supervised accounts.

If you want more info about YouTube Kids, check out the YouTube Kids Parental Guide.

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